Work Life Balance

Some days we are super busy and working 15hr days (if this is you all the time then read this)

…other days we are killing time in front of a desk only because we are told we have to sit there from 9 to 5. (sigh)

I have many friends that are genuinely unhappy in their jobs simply because of this fact! They are highly intelligent people that can do most of their work in just 4hours – but then they have to sit there for another 4 – Facebooking/YouTubing/ and wasting time basically….

What if people were given more work life balance and allowed to work from home or from remote locations every now and then? What if this actually improved the quality of their work? What if they were much happier as a result?

Well I tested this theory on myself and also my staff. Here are my findings:



  • When staff were allowed to work from home – they appeared better rested, happier, healthier and also told me that they powered through their work load and got everything done a lot quicker.

To quote my staff precisely:

I asked: Would you say that you are happier ? and have a better work-life balance when working from Home?”

Alex Says:

“Yes defiantly. For myself, when I can work from home it means that one day I can have a relaxed day but still have a super productive day. I would even almost go as far to say that is my most productive day of the week!”


Perhaps this is because they didn’t have an alarm clock interrupting their sleep, perhaps it’s because they were comfortable and at ease at home with hardly any distraction.

Perhaps they focused on getting their work done so that they can spend the rest of the day enjoying life – as opposed to sitting at a desk counting down the hours.



Owning my own business means I have to work all the time…. So what happens when I need to occasional holiday and can’t stop working?

Both Quality of Work & Personal Happiness Increase!

  • I was in Santorini for my honeymoon recently so the days were filled with lounging by the pool, walking around and taking in the beautiful scenery and eating high quality foods.

The fact that these activities were waiting for me meant that I wasted no time getting my work done! I was very focused on work and work only (and no time wasted on Facebook).

I ended up getting all my work done and being happier about my situation as I was then able to enjoy my holiday.

BUT – I also noticed that the quality of my work increased. Perhaps because my mind was more at ease and clearer. Perhaps because I was happier and more inspired – I came up with better ideas for advertising campaigns for my clients, for ways to improve the business and I even wrote an interesting blog that has received many hits to date.


  • Same thing happened when I went skiing in Japan recently


My day basically consisted of this:

  1. Wake up – Check & Respond to Emails
  2. Skiing
  3. Have Lunch at Hotel and Work for 1 hour
  4. Skiing
  5. Shower & Work
  6. Onsen (Spa)
  7. Dinner
  8. Quick Email Check

I didn’t miss an email! I had so many good ideas to make my client campaigns better. I even Skyped with a few clients so they didn’t feel like I wasn’t there for them.

The quality of my work improved and as a result of having some time for myself I was happier about life and work in general.


As a Result:

I have allowed my staff to have more work-from-home days.

I am planning more holidays in the future for myself.

I am happier about my work-life balance.


I urge all employers out there to try the same and see how much happier your staff will be! Not only will they do better work for you – but they will be much happier about working for you!


And if you don't listen to me - then listen to Richard Branson! He absolutely nails this concept in the following video: