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You may have an in-house team that can handle your execution and are simply looking for a strategy expert that can help put your team on track. As a head of digital, I have been in the space for over 15years and have lots of experience in the B2B space. Some of the things that I can chat to you about include:

  • Content Strategy - how can existing content be repurposed to meet KPIs and objectives, a gap analysis to determine what content is missing and needs to be created to execute these goals and a content calendar to arm you with a schedule to reach these goals.
  • Pay-per-Click Strategy - how are your campaigns performing at the moment. We can create a complete analysis to see where the holes are and a strategy document that focuses the budget and campaigns on the right goals- whether they be Top-of-Funnel or Bottom-of-Funnel.
  • Social Media Strategy - are you consistent with your company branding across all social platforms?  Is there an opportunity for a personal branding strategy? Are you using the right call-to-actions? Do you have a strategy beyond the post? Are you following the 79/21 rule of Adding Value vs Promotion? All things we analyse as part of your Social Media Strategy Document to help you get the most out of this channel and turn it into a Lead generation weapon for you.

Get in touch with me for a strategic chat by filling out the form to the side.