What of Universal Analytics?

I'm lucky I use Analytics for many client campaigns and have had the pleasure of witnessing some of the benefits of Universal Analytics quite early on.
If you haven't seen this feature pop up in your menu yet then you should very soon. A few things that can help speed it up however are:
  • Set-up Goals
  • Set- up Goal Values
This is important because mainly campaigns that use this functionality will benefit from the new Analytics. Some benefits to look forward to include:
    • Because not all businesses should reward the last source that resulted in a conversion for that conversion.
With this tool - you can assign custom values to all of your sources. So if you rely on Paid Search, Search Engine Optimisation and Display for conversions and are unsure of how much impact each one has - here is where you can track the value of each one.
For example, you may have many people viewing your display ads but then they convert either via Direct Source or Organic Source only. In this case most business owners will switch off their Display Ads. This could have a negative impact because although Display is not bringing in most of your conversions - it certainly is in some ways responsible for them.
So whilst previously you could only view the last interaction conversion data and assisted conversions - you can now opt for any of the following:
Don't let me catch you clicking on Last Interaction all the time  if you're using this tool! :-(
Really depends on the type of Business you run, however, I find that with most of my clients its good to use either Linear or First Interaction so that you can understand how effective each marketing source is at bringing you conversions.
For example, I have one client who didn't think much of Display until I showed them this 'First Interaction Model' :
As you can see - Display was responsible for $2,097 worth of conversions.
I mean it still has a much higher CPA than Paid Search (duh) - but my client would still make a nice ROI on it.
So don't discount Display until you've tested this.
Right...moving on...
  • Cross Device Measurement


Now so far this is just a Beta and is still in the works!
But what it means is that you can now track your consumers between devices.
For example, if a consumer found you on their smartphone, checked you out again on their tablet and then converted via their Computer - here is what will typically come up in today's Analytics reporting:
  • 3 unique visitors
  • 1 goal completion


Not very accurate is it ?
However, with this new tool that's about to launch - you can track this one visitor across multiple devices and see how they behave on each one:
Cool, cool!
Now all I've really done is told you what you can expect from Universal Analytics. However, if you want to learn more about this in particular and have a spare 34 minutes - then watch this video: