Webinar Marketing is crucial for keeping your business running and ensuring you're still engaging potential customers during times like these.

Don't forget, there's many businesses that are still running and even thriving at the moment, especially the ones that are in the Tech and Software space. If you stop your content marketing now then you will fall behind. In the last couple of months alone, the term "Webinar Marketing" went up in the Google Trend Score from 5/100 to 100/100  and webinar attendance rates have been through the roof. 

Check out my latest podcast on Webinars on India's #1 SaaS platform to learn more:


If you want to keep generating new business and ensure your business stays strong then you need to jump on webinar marketing. 

Webinar Marketing is something marketers are very much aware of but very few actually leverage this as a platform, until now. So, what are the benefits that you can expect to gain from this under-utilised tool:

  • Webinars are highly effective at positioning you as a Thought Leader in your industry. This is great if you consider that 60% of business decision makers said that thought leadership directly led to their awarding of business to an organization. 
  • Webinars generate qualified leads. 87% of marketers find webinars an effective tool for  lead generation.

  • Webinars result in a lower cost-per-lead. 80% of the world's leading businesses have seen better results. 

What's Involved in Webinar Marketing 

The first webinar experience can be quite scary and nerve-racking so we'll hold your hand throughout the entire process to make sure it's done right and you get plenty of leads in your kitty.

We believe this is the greatest way to advance relationships and begin earning trust with your audience.  By creating a conversation through webinars and delivering value through Thought-Leadership content, you will easily generate quality leads and further engage prospects already in your sales cycle.

Here's what you need to make this happen:

  • A Webinar Content Strategy

Joana Inch, head of digital strategy & host of the "Selling SaaS" webinar series will put together a list of topics that your buyer personas are curious about. Majority of the webinar should be aimed at addressing a pain point and adding value to your personas. The goal of the webinar is to engage & help your prospects but also to position you as a Thought Leader in their eyes. Why do you want to be a Thought-Leader?

60% of business decision makers said that thought leadership directly led to their awarding of business to an organization. 

  • Access to a Webinar Platform

You'll get access and a branded page to our Zoom platform. A customised Landing Page will be built for you with your logo & brand. This is a feature page of what your webinar will be about, why it would benefit your buyer personas and why they should absolutely sign-up for this exclusive event.

  • A Webinar Slide Deck Designed to Impress

Armed with your topics from point one, you should be easily able to expand on them with your thoughts and knowledge and share that with your buyer personas. You know your business better than anyone, you know what your buyer personas are struggling with and how you can help them - now is the time to share that knowledge and show everyone that you are a true Thought Leader in your industry. The talking points are on you but we'll make sure you really shine with a professionally designed webinar slide deck to make your points come across in an engaging and lucrative manner.

  • A Video recording & Short Video Snippets of the Webinar

5 x short video snippets (for 30-min webinars and 10 x short video snippets (for 60-min webinars) that you can repurpose for your LinkedIn/ Facebook Content Marketing Plan. 

These are crucial to expanding your reach far beyond your webinar registrations. Keep in mind that 1/3 of registrants only ever watch the webinar replay and 47% of on-demand views happen 10 days after the webinar. So you need a post-strategy. Sending a video recording to all registrants (those who couldn't make it as well as those who could) and using short video snippets of your webinar as content marketing to push through your LinkedIn channel will increase your reach, your visibility, your profile and your potential for more leads.

  • A 90-day Content Marketing Calendar

We don't expect you to do your own content marketing once it's all said and done. The most important job actually happens before & after the webinar. We need to arm you with a content plan that helps you nurture your leads and reaches more leads beyond your webinar attendees. We need to make sure that you're in the best possible position to close the leads you just acquired. As well as your video snippets which will be accompanied by a social post on how to share them, we want to create 2 x weekly additional posts for you over a 90 day period that will be executed for you. These will include 4-weeks of social promotions leading up to the webinar to maximise registrations and 8 weeks of post-webinar social promotions to increase your reach, your visibility, your profile and your potential for more leads. All you need to do is take care of any comments that come your way as a result.

  • LinkedIn Outreach

Super time-consuming for you to take care of but also super crucial is a LinkedIn Outreach campaign. For best possible results, you need to connect with all the webinar registrations on LinkedIn, send them an InMail that welcomes them to your webinar and follow this up with a series of messages that ask for feedback and gauge their interest levels after the webinar. 

Yes this could also be done via email, but with email resulting in a 20% open rate and InMails resulting in a 50% open rate and much higher response rate - you need to take advantage of both platforms. 

See this video snippet of a webinar I recently did discussing this little LinkedIn hack that has done absolute wonders for me:

LinkedIn Hack - Boosting your Leadgen tactics

With your approval on a custom script, we'll get this done for you and make you aware of all the high-quality leads that are ready to talk now. No time wasted on your part doing lead qualifications or lead nurturing.  

  • Email Marketing Campaign

As well as access to a Marketing Automation platform to help you do this.

You have to capture and store your leads with all that golden and invaluable data somewhere right? We recommend Hubspot starter for a job best done. At only $68/month with no lock in contracts, you can easily use this platform to capture and nurture your leads. It integrates natively with Zoom too so there's lots of automation possibilities that you can take advantage of. For example, the following emails are absolutely crucial and will be written for you:

- Thanks for registering to the webinar, please add this event to your diary.

- 24 hours before the webinar reminder.

- 1 hour before the webinar reminder.

- Here's a recording of the webinar for you to keep.

Off course, we would also write & add 3 more emails as follows:

- A 30-sec teaser of the webinar 7 days prior (check out mine below)

- 2 x post webinar emails to help you close the sale.

SaaS Webinar trailer


  • Sponsored LinkedIn Campaign

To ensure you maximise your visibility to all possible buyer personas and not just those in your current network, we advise that you put some money behind post sponsorship on LinkedIn. This can be as little as $1,000 for the entire duration of the campaign (90-days) to help maximise your webinar registrations and at the very least capture a list of new contacts that you can add to your database.

What's the Value of all This?

What is one lead worth to you? How about 30? This is how many leads you can expect from this campaign over a 90-day period. EASILY! Webinars have been mine and my client's most successful marketing campaigns to date and I'm super confident they'll deliver on those results for you. 

Best way forward is to Book a Free 30min Strategy Call with our Head of Digital, Joana Inch, to see if this will work for you. Simply fill out the form on this page.

Looking forward to chatting soon :-)