The Secret to Search Engine Marketing: Optimising to Get Good Leads


What is the use of a website if it won't help your company increase sales? It's not much more useful than a billboard on the highway that fades over time because of its constant exposure to the elements. Today, we want to discuss why companies need search engine marketing (SEM) more than ever, especially to access good sales leads. Some businesses that benefit from SEM are e-commerce sites and others are businesses that have sellers who negotiate deals. Regardless of the type of business model, companies need websites with information that converts customers into buyers. But first, we offer a bit of background on this issue: 

Partnering with an SEM Agency

Working with a marketing agency Sydney is how some companies choose to access leads for their salespeople. For example, a marketing agency can ensure that the people visiting a company's website will funnel into its marketing database. These leads are later processed into good leads and poor leads, often through analytics tools. Sorting leads is important because salespeople will have more success when they pitch people with a history of visiting a website or another indicator of interest in the company's product or service. Because your company usually gets one chance to make a pitch and it's not cost-effective to pitch poor leads, ensure that you are using good marketing data. Some of that data will come through a well-optimised website. 

Beware of Shaky Marketing Data

An SEM firm can build more traffic to your e-commerce website or to a website that passively promotes your company's products or services. That's the easy part. The rest of the site should also convert visitors into buyers. In a recent article on, Gabriel Shaoolian points out that e-commerce sites don't just succeed because their price points are lower than those of their competitors. Because they are focused on the customer experience, they offer superior customer service and clean, easy-to-use websites. 

Thinking Strategically About Website Marketing

We could go on and on about how a company should put high-quality leads into the hands of sales professionals, but the real trick is linking marketing with sales. A person picks up the phone and calls a prospective customer and seals the deal, essentially by knowing what to say at the right points in the conversation. We recommend that you get expert advice before changing anything about your selling strategy, but first go back to your website content. Is it optimised to raise your search engine rankings? Are the people who visit providing information that goes automatically into your marketing database? Do your salespeople follow up on these leads regularly or just on a rainy day? You could also spend many marketing dollars on purchasing sales leads, but your website can generate leads at a very low cost. We know how to make this happen, and these sales leads will be ready when your sellers are ready to pitch them. 

Keeping Clients Happy

The whole point of marketing is to connect with potential customers and to convert them into new sources of revenue. Finding leads through SEM and then following up on them is just one way that your company sources new customers. SEM is part of omni-channel marketing, but your company must give ample attention to optimising the main website and the mobile sites and apps for smartphone users. These are the same people who interact with your company through different channels. Later, there will be others within your organisation who will focus on keeping them happy over time. Some clients will be happy with your products or services, and others will require more finesse. They will test every person's product knowledge, but they will become repeat customers if they have a good experience on your website. 

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