How to Use Social Media For Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach people online. According to Statista, a portal that gathers statistics from 18,000 different sources, the average global internet user in 2016 is on social media 118 minutes a day. This is an increase from 109 total minutes people spent on social media platforms in 2015.

As a business owner, you must think about how you can use this information to help increase sales. One way you increase your company's conversion rate optimization is to find different ways to integrate social media with your website. Below are several ways you can leverage social media platforms to build trust with people and boost your website's conversion rate. 

Make It Easy For Users to Share Your Content and Increase Social Proof 

Social proof is the 21st century's version of word-of-mouth marketing. When a person uses social media to share a product review, funny Instagram graphic, or reveal that they just made a purchase, it demonstrates that they like or trust your brand. People are more likely to trust people in their social circle online than a billboard or a type of paid advertisement. This is because a product review seems more genuine when it comes from someone you personally know or admire.

One way you can make it easy for users to share your content (and therefore increase social proof), is to strategically place social media buttons on the website. For example, you can place buttons on each product page and integrate your company's Instagram feed so it appears on the website. Customers will feel more at ease when they see other people sharing photos of themselves with your products. When people like what they see on the website they can easily post it online and share it with others. It's also important to remember that people pay close attention to how people interact with your company's content and the quality of the interaction. Social proof can encourage others to trust your brand while optimizing your website's conversion rate.  

Allow Users to Sign In With Their Social Media shopping cart check out.png

According to research conducted by WebHostingBuzz, 86% of users do not like to create new accounts and enter their email addresses, names and other data on websites. One way you can help users avoid this frustration is by giving them the option to sign in with their social media credentials. This means users can use their existing Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn login information instead of inputting their information. Since people won't have to create a new account just because they are on your website, it will create a seamless login process for each user. 

A "one-click" sign in with their social media login is another way to boost the conversion rate. A social login option can make the signup and sign-in processes more appealing to website visitors.  

Integrate Social Media With Your Website's Shopping Cart Process

Another way you can improve your conversation rate is to integrate social media with your company's online checkout process. When your customers want to purchase some items, they can check it out using the information from their social media profiles. The easier it is for them to make a purchase, the less you will experience abandoned shopping carts. it can decrease the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can influence your conversion rates. For more information about our search engine marketing and content marketing services, please contact us today for a consultation. We can help you harness the power of social media and discover new ways to increase your company's conversion rate. Although we are a marketing agency in Sydney, we service clients all over the world. 


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