When Social Media meets Digital Media

There’s no more tunnel vision!

It makes me proud when I see companies embracing social media, taking the time to engage with their customers and respond to complaints and compliments. As a customer it makes me feel more safe, powerful and heard! For a while I thought customer service may have been dead but now I feel that we have a new outlet where we can express ourselves and with countless others backing us up companies really do make the effort to respond via social media … As a Digital Marketeer it makes me feel excited because the digital space is evolving and the world is changing and I’ve always Loved & embraced change! (Something I’m accustomed to as I’ve moved between countries since I was little)


I’m more into the digital space than the social space myself but lately I’ve been working with companies on combining the 2 which has pushed me to get more creative!

Here’s the brief that I usually get:

“We’re using social media but we’re not really generating any leads from it”

And here are my thoughts on this topic:

Sure – because you’re using it too socially! If you combined it with Digital marketing and used it to push your SEO then you’d certainly get more website traffic and therefore more sales/leads!

A silly man once commented that websites are dead and that Facebook is the way forward!

PFFT! Whatever – I say! A website is more professional, more informative and still the place that people goto to purchase a product or sign up for a service! Facebook is just a place they can visit to see how proactive you are and how engaged you are with customers. It’s ultimately a great tool for retaining customers but not for acquiring them.


So how do we combine social & digital……?


Google+ with hashtags

You’re probably using the more popular social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter but you must adopt a Google+ page as well! You’re Google+ following will not be as high as your Facebook following but you should still make the effort to post here and use relevant hashtags about your topic and also your main keywords + brand name.

Why? Because this will help with your search engine Optimisation. If you connect your website and your Blog to your Google+ page and you ensure that you have a good following and make regular posts then you’re more likely to get extra brownie points from Google which will help boost your SEO ranking.

Just remember – content is key and you want to be posting about relevant and interesting information – not polluting your posts with boring keywords and hashtags.
I also highly recommend that you encourage your customers to leave you Reviews on your Google+ page. This makes you look like a proper business that is dedicated to their customers and so Google will love you for it.


Blogging & Authorship

Apart from posting at least once a day, you should also consider writing a blog and promoting it via your social media platforms. Every now and then your clients are going to want to read something more from you. Blogging can be educational, informative and engaging for your target audience. It perceives you as being knowledgeable in your field and caring enough to share that knowledge with your community. People are most likely to approach you if you have a good knowledge of your industry and the local community and are willing to share it.

The best way to ensure that your blog is found in the search engines and seen by more and more people is to set it up with Google Authorship. Authorship is a must! Google and also people want to know whose blog they are reading. Your profile photo will also appear in the search engines next to your blog which makes you look extra good. Also people are more likely to click on a blog with a photo than one without so you’re encouraging extra clicks, which is also great for your Optimisation.


Comment Straight from Google:
Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead at Google, says:

“You’re free to write articles in the manner you prefer — your users may really like the Pied Piper idea. However, for authorship annotation in search results, Google prefers to feature a human who wrote the content. By doing so, authorship annotation better indicates that a search result is the perspective of a person, and this helps add credibility for searchers.

This will also help with your SEO and in turn give you more presence online, higher web traffic, and as a result more customers! Make sure your blog is interesting and that it links back to 2 important pages on your website.


Facebook Ads & Re-targeting

Won’t help with your SEO but it will help you get a higher following and is great for a product launch!

Re-targeting especially is a great tool to bring non-converting customers back to your website. This is how it works in 3 easy steps:

  • Your customers do a search for you, go to your website, and leave without converting.
  • The next day they check their Facebook page and see your ad pop up in their News Feeds!
  • They think “Oh I remember I needed this, maybe I will buy it now since I have some spare time” – and off course they have spare time or they wouldn’t be on Facebook J so yeah I believe they are more likely to commit to a purchase.




Some really interesting statistics I found from AdRoll are as follows:

  • News Feed retargeting had a click-through rate (CTR) 49x higher than right-hand side ad units (RHS) and 21x higher than standard web retargeting.
  • News Feed CPCs were ½ that of RHS campaigns and 1/5 of web retargeting.
  • News Feed grew from 0% of our overall clicks to 15% in one month.
  • News Feed and RHS complement one another and result in an overall increase in clicks at a combined lower CPC.
  • News Feed alone doesn’t have the reach or scale of RHS or standard web, and should therefore be used in conjunction with the other channels.
  • News Feed has different applications from RHS. It’s ideal for content marketing and promotions (which can capitalize on social features) while RHS is best suited for dynamic product ads driving direct response



What I like about AdRoll is that they let you try this on no minimum budget whereas many other companies that I’ve approached have asked for over $5k straight up and don’t even get back to you until days later when you have questions. This in my opinion is really poor customer service and I won’t stand for it!

In conclusion
By all means get yourself a great social following and engage with your customer! But also make sure you’re mixing it with digital and using it to your full potential.
Search Engines are very aware of the fact that social media is important to their searchers so they will reward you for having multiple platforms with good content and a high engagement rate! It’s great for SEO, it’s great for driving more traffic to your website and ultimately it will result in more sales for your business.