Social Media Automation

We have all heard the saying, ‘work smarter not harder’. But as it creeps closer to 9pm and you are still in the office snowed under, this phrase rings more mocking than helpful.

This is where automation comes in. Scheduling out a months’ worth of content may take an entire day, but it will give you back the rest of the month. Furthermore, automation will give you foresight over your strategy; assist with the development of branding or marketing consistency but most importantly, automation software will give you the liberty to work reactively, a freedom most marketing managers have long since forgotten.

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But, you might ask, social media is all about interaction, engagement and conversations; won’t automation take the ‘social’ out of online marketing? We are by no means suggesting you automate everything and leave your channels to run themselves but the introduction of automation software into your content strategy and monthly planning will go far in expanding your online presence and helping you or your team work smarter, not harder.

Having your content posted at the right time is extremely beneficial for any business with an online presence but what are the key advantages? Investing time and energy into this new way of thinking will help you achieve:

  • Consistency. For any business or brand, consistency online is key. Branding should be kept constant across the board and online is no exception. Automation software allows you the autonomy to stand back and examine what messages are going out ahead of time and ensure they are on brand. It might allow you to identify new, such as establishing a visual theme for the images your brand will use that your followers will come to recognise.
  • Avoiding mistakes. Planning your calendar in advance allows you to closely examine your ideas and catch any inevitable errors before the updates go public. You can easily prevent embarrassing mistakes from happening, especially as you are taking away the pressure of a last minute rush to get content out the door on a deadline.
  • More time. This is the most important advantage to take away. Automated software will allow you to use your time ‘smarter’. With the bulk of content taken care of, you can concentrate your efforts on bringing your potential clients down the marketing funnel and generating sales.

Much like marketing and coffee addiction, listening services go hand in hand with automation.

There are a number of services available, find one that’s right for you and make good use of it. This simple tool will allow you to become the world’s most resourceful marketing manager or an extremely efficient stalker. The beauty of listening services is that they allow you to remain on top of what’s happening with your client/business (or object of your stalking) in real time, with notification’s set to contact you as they happen. No longer will you have to wait for critical information to trickle through the channels days later. Instead, with the aforementioned automation software taking care of your carefully curated content strategy, you have the freedom to join these conversations in real time and extend your organic reach with engaging conversations and meaningful brand networking.

So go forth and work smarter not harder, your future self will thank you for it.

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