Set the Tone: Finding the Right Voice for Your Content

Establish the right voice—one of the golden rules in content marketing. Voice encompasses tone, language, and choice of words. It’s a concealed, yet influential factor that makes content great.

The voice of your content is the voice of your business on the Internet. What does your business sound like online?

The Voice Within

Most businesses aren’t aware of the importance of finding the right voice. The right voice is not just key to making great content. It’s ultimately the expression of the people behind the brand. The voice, distinct and unique, humanises your business. It reflects a brand’s personality and the values it practices. It gives people a peek of the people that makes up your brand.

Because of this humanising effect, voice has the ability to build trust. When your content speaks of something familiar, such as your passion for the business, people can instantly relate to your piece. They feel more at ease reading your content. That’s the opportune moment you’re creating in order to persuade. Once you build trust through the right voice, you can easily influence your audience.



Search for the Right Voice

Now that we’ve established the importance of finding the right voice, how exactly do you go about it? Your business philosophy and readers are ultimately the two important factors that should shape the voice of your content. We suggest you follow these tips:

Look inward. Reflect on the things you value. Customer service, for instance. If you want to earn the loyalty of customers, the tone of your voice should be polite and welcoming. Your choice of words should focus on the benefits customers can get from you, rather than the features of your product. Using lots of ‘you’ and ‘we’ can help.

Make reader personas. Know your readers by making personas. You should be able to identify demographics, social roles, personality traits, needs and wants. Lastly, you need to know how they speak. You have to relate to them if you want to build rapport.

The right voice is important in your content. Have you found yours yet?