See how we helped this local start-up Scale

From starting up some 5-years+ ago in the eHealth space, we've been every step of the way with QSN Health, an Australian company that has gone onto scale and grow its integrated smoking cessation program in a number of other countries, including the UK, USA & NZ.

We employed early PPC strategies (predominantly Google & Facebook) to rapidly deliver targeted big audiences and then through an organic search engine strategy and plan, scaled our organic (free) visitors to a level that 60% of current website traffic now comes from non-paid sources, such as direct, organic, email and referral.

There are many moving parts in the work that we currently do for QSN Health, including:

-  designing and developing their website and landing pages, across multiple regions, ensuring that visitors journeys on the site are analysed and mapped to help more than double the website conversion rate over the past 2- years alone

-  building out a Facebook full funnel advertising strategy and plan that sees 'cold' audiences, carefully researched and targeted with top of funnel 'awareness' type ads before retargeting these people with more CTA type 'conversion' ads, all carefully tracked and measured using the Facebook pixel, with a 30% increase this year (2020) alone in conversions through new creative insights and changes and better targeting

- social media strategy and planning weekly posts across QSN Health's social media channels that regularly sees industry beating engagement rates

- email strategy and execution delivering both engagement and CTA messaging, that has enabled this channel to grow x 100 over the past 3 years

The sum total of these moving parts is that we have specifically delivered a 30% increase in QSN Health's income, whilst maintaining CPA metrics are kept on target,  in 2020 alone, which is made more impressive as we are currently in year 6 with this client and not year 1!

More on Results:

  • QSN didn't start with $80k on Paid Social. They simply spent that much because they were getting the sales!
  • The next step was to then reduce this spend whilst maintaining the sales so as to increase their profit margin.
  • We nailed this via Inbound Marketing.