Marketing Communication Strategy

As a marketer, you should be communicating with both your potential customers and customers at all times of their buyer journey. Why?

Because you stay top of mind whenever they need your services and you never know when you might send a piece of marketing communication that just so happens to answer their question and trigger a response.


You should also keep in regular touch with your existing customers. It’s much easier to upsell a client than it is to get a new one. So here is where you should focus more. Delight your existing customers by sending them more informative marketing communication and letting them know about your business and the additional services that you offer. Delight them on a regular basis and not only will you get more business out of them but they will also recommend you to their fellow mates. Don’t you just love word-of-mouth advertising? You should – it’s FREE! 



Automating Marketing Communication

Automation is key! Even if you have the time now, you will be absolutely swamped later and this very important tool will be the first thing you let go to work on other things. Which means your communication with all clients will start to suffer.

There are many automation tools on the market that you can be using to help you optimise your marketing communication strategy.


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Business Automation Software


So spend a little bit of time on setting up Communication Work-Flows and then let the software do the rest of the work for you. This will ensure you keep in constant communication with all clients and prospects even if you’re actually sitting on a beach in Hawaii. This also ensures your clients feel loved and your prospects stay warm.


Examples of Marketing Communication Workflows

Here’s a retail/ecommerce example of how to set-up a Work Flow to stay in touch with your customer – courtesy of MailChimp:


Specific Product Follow-Up 
Ask for a review after someone buys a specific product from your store.

Category Follow-Up 
Promote related items after someone buys from a specific category.

Any Product Follow-Up 
Send a follow-up message after a customer purchases any product from your store.

Best Customers 
Reward your best customers with sale announcements or special coupons.

Customer Re-Engagement 
Win back customers who haven’t purchased from your store in a specific timeframe.


More Benefits of Automation

If your subscribers have a clear path from signup to conversion - Automation can streamline your communications process. Just by creating automation workflows, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend on worrying about communication and increase the amount of time you spend on actual work. You may even have some spare time for yourself. So get to Automating now!


Marketing Communication isn’t the only thing that you can automate. You can also automate your Accounting, your social media campaigns, your marketing campaigns and even your competitor analysis research. Download this Free eBook to see which software on the market is best to use for all automation requirements.

Business Automation Software