How awesome would it be if in the future we could all clone ourselves and achieve so much more with our time. Oh wait... the future is now and your clone has a name! It's called Marketing Automation. But we can call them Hubspot too.

I'm sure you've attempted this in the past or have at least heard of it. I want to make sure you really are on the right track here as this is truly the future of work. 

If you want to discover ways to create multiple clones of yourself, simply book your strategy call with me and have a chat. I promise I won't try to sell you anything. I'll simply listen to your story and offer advice.

 In case you're curious about how Marketing Automation is supposed to work, I'll just leave here the deliverables that are designed to make this happen:


How should Marketing Automation Work?

Before you launch any campaign, it’s crucial to take the following steps first:

  • A Buyer Persona Workshop – so we can understand your exact target audience and how we’re going to connect with them. A comprehensive document will be created for you by Hat Media.
  • An overview of your existing content – so we can see what can be repurposed right away and where the content gaps are that are needed to complete the buyer journey.
  • A Content Marketing roadmap/ strategy – that will guide all the monthly work that we do for you and estimate likely leads & ROI at the end of each month.

 Once you have these in place, the next steps are a No-brainer!


Ongoing Work

  • Asset/eBook creation in month 1 – based on the content marketing roadmap that will uncover exactly what your buyer personas are searching for right now.
  • 4 x Blogs per month starting in Month 2 – to improve your SEO ranks but also to position you as a Thought Leader in your industry.
  • These blogs will be distributed via Social Media along with a customised post, trending and relevant hashtags to maximise visibility.
  • Paid Search/Social set-up & Management to attract new leads into your HubSpot platform using this primary asset & other assets you have on file.
  • Custom Landing Page creation to match the PPC campaigns and hence clarify the buyer journey to help maximise leads.
  • List Segmentation
  • Email Nurture Strategy 
  • Email Template design
  • Weekly/fortnightly email communication written to all segments
  • Lead Scoring
  • Automation Management
  • Custom Dashboard & Reporting
  • Weekly/fortnightly Zoom calls with a Head of Digital
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions with a Head of Digital to uncover what has worked and next steps.


Yes, that can all be automated. We just need you there for the weekly calls to present the data and make sure you're happy. What you do with the rest of your time? That's really up to you :-)