Is Outsourcing Digital Marketing the Right Choice for Businesses?

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Startups and established SMBs, inevitably, come to a point where this becomes an important question. Effective digital marketing campaigns bring exponential growth and other wonderful things, yet the fear of spending massive amounts of money and being disappointed with lackluster ROI, stops many from making the call. Let's discuss these fears and try to gain the right perspective around the question: is outsourcing digital marketing the right choice for businesses?

Comprehensive vs. Project Based Help

The first thing businesses should consider is whether they're looking for a comprehensive marketing solution or a project based solution? This makes a big difference in the cost of outsourcing digital marketing campaigns; partnering with experts in the industry for, simply, consulting purposes, gives in-house marketing teams key insights on how to proceed, what software to use, etc.

Each business has different marketing needs (B2B, B2C, etc.) and various levels of skills and talents within their workforce to utilize. For some, integrating the newest marketing automation software into their enterprise system is easy, while for others this may take months to adapt to; even though software solutions have support and tutorials, this doesn't make them easy to effectively use within unique enterprise systems. When it comes down to it, digital marketing is a multi-faceted process that takes expertise in many areas for effective results.

The point is: businesses can partner with a digital marketing agency for project based services to save money. Yes, outsourcing comprehensively is much more affordable than hiring in-house expertise, yet, still, startups and SMBs with a lean methodology can outsource on a project basis and save money. This can be part of a progressive approach to fully give over the reigns after the pleasant experience brings positive results.

Top Talent Expertise and Experience for Specific Services

Rapidly advancing online technologies are changing the marketing landscape drastically; businesses that can strategically take advantage of these trends will grow with the flow. For instance, the growing focus on developing mobile app marketing strategies, the increase and importance of video marketing campaigns, keeping up with the ever-changing Google algorithms, and using content marketing through emerging and established social media channels.

Keeping up with recent digital marketing trends, emerging software solutions, and effective best practices – is a full-time job. Simply managing a social media campaign can take too much time away from core business processes, much less: creating videos and landing pages, optimizing websites, and executing SEM marketing.

This is why outsourcing digital marketing becomes attractive for startups and SMBs with limited resources. Instead of using rudimentary digital marketing methods in-house that don't reflect the quality of their products or services, businesses can access top talent (with expertise and experience) to effectively create digital marketing strategies when outsourcing. This accelerates the growth of businesses and trains their in-house workforce members for later campaigns.

The Right Partner Makes the Difference

One of the main advantages of in-house marketing teams, according to a Business 2 Community article called: “Should You Outsource Or Do Your Own Digital Marketing?”, written by Ray Wang on February 29, 2016 – is:

“Your own team has a better understanding of your company, products, services, and customers than any outsider.”

This is a good insight to keep in mind when looking for the right digital marketing agency to hire. The company should feel like part of a business's in-house team, and have the ability to work with the in-house team on a project basis, or with a comprehensive digital marketing partnership. This way, businesses can stay focused on core business processes; the importance of this is stated in the same article:

“If your core business is not digital marketing, trying to manage campaigns will take a lot out of your valuable time. Agencies with core competencies in digital market can achieve more for you in less time.”

All digital marketing agencies aren't the same, so choosing one that closely aligns with a business's goals and values is key; other factors to look for are: vertical industry expertise, communication responsiveness, personality, location, support, experience, tools, and cost. Maybe the most important consideration is: working with an agency that takes the time to understand a business's goals and challenges.


Outsourcing remotely has opened up the possibilities and capabilities for those businesses willing to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. When it comes to outsourcing digital marketing, businesses need to approach this with the right perspective: outsourcing isn't too expensive for startups and SMBs when utilized on a project or consulting basis.

Effective digital marketing strategies, using proven strategies and tools, brings accelerated growth and high ROI to any business. Once the digital polishing is complete, in-house teams will be more apt to manage and launch new campaigns in the future. Basically, the expertise and experience of the digital marketing agency will be imparted to businesses, while a continued partnership will evolve and provide any needed support.

Hat Media knows how important it is to understand our clients' businesses, as if we were part of their in-house teams. For over a decade we've been helping businesses (in many different industries) to develop effective digital marketing strategies for: video, content, web, SEO, mobile, social, and more. Hat Media is a Sydney marketing agency that loves what we do and serves a worldwide market. If interested in learning more please contact us today.


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