How to Use Video Marketing on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook generates an incredible 8 billion video views on average per day? Over the years, there’s has been an undeniable increase in video uploads and engagement on social media…and Facebook is leading the charge.

Since videos have the amazing ability to capture attention and move viewers to action, businesses have successfully leveraged video marketing on Facebook to bring awareness to their brand, engage their target audience, build relationships with customers and gain new ones. It’s simply one of the best tools to promote your company and attract your ideal customer.

Your business can utilise the same techniques to grow your audience and connect with current clients. Here are 5 ways to use video marketing on Facebook.


#1 Tell Your Brand’s Story

People connect with stories. They’re memorable, allowing viewers to find common ground with the vision and mission for your organisation. Stories pull people in which is a key ingredient for building the know, like and trust factor with your brand.

Using videos amplifies your storytelling marketing. Viewers will remember it better when it’s shared through video versus a blog or social media post. They’re also more likely to share it with their networks if it’s compelling and aligns with their interests.

Tell your brand’s story using video and post it to Facebook. Uploading your video directly to Facebook will have a greater organic reach than images, driving more eyeballs to your content.


#2 Share Informational Videos

Sharing valuable content that solves problems, answers questions, and provides information is at the heart of any strong inbound marketing strategy. You see, online marketing isn’t solely promoting your brand and services. It’s about publishing quality-rich content that offers solutions and positions your brand as the expert in your niche.

Video is the perfect tool to sharing relevant information that resonates with your target audience. It’s powerful in helping people grasp your message quickly and showing your authority in the subject matter.

Consider your most frequent questions asked by your patients, clients, and/or prospects. These inquiries are excellent content pieces for your video topics. Create a video addressing each FAQ and schedule them to post on different days. Leveraging a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer helps you to plan and publish your video content in advance on Facebook to maintain consistency in your social marketing.  


#3 Go Live!

Facebook Live allows you to engage with your followers in real-time. This tool offers many opportunities to expand your online marketing strategy while fostering deeper connections with your audience. It also creates authentic, personable experiences that separate your brand from competitors.

Here are a few ideas to using Facebook Live in your video marketing:

  • Host a Q&A session for your current clients and prospects. Allow them to ask questions pertaining to your niche so that they can receive real, expert advice in return. 
  • Report trending and industry-related news. Doing so shows your followers that you stay connected and abreast of what’s going on in your industry.
  • Demonstrate a product or service that you offer (if feasible). Viewers find this helpful in showcasing the features and advantages of your service and how it will benefit them


#4 Repurpose Blog Content

By reviewing Google Analytics for your website, you can discover which blog posts are popular amongst your audience and driving the most traffic for you. These are golden articles to repurpose into other content formats to expand your reach and influence.

For example, you can convert your blog post into an infographic to share on social media, with your email list, and post on other syndicated sites in your niche. You can also highlight key pointers within your article and use them for tweets, social media content, and text images.

In this case, you’re repurposing content using video for Facebook. The following shows a couple of ways you can do this for your business:

  • Take each subheading and create a mini-video series to share
  • Highlight a key point in your blog and broadcast a short video that goes into a bit more detail

When repurposing content, your calendar will always remain full of valuable content to share with your audience, helping you to maintain an active presence online.


#5 Share User-Generated Content

Testimonials and user-generated content (content coming directly from your customers in the form of social media post, email message, video, etc.) is extremely powerful for gaining new clients to your practice. It’s one of the best ways to foster trust with prospects and shows that what you’re doing is actually working.

In fact, customer reviews have an incredible impact on potential buyer’s perception of your brand, with 88% saying that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!

These reviews are even more powerful when shared through video. Focus on building a treasury of user-generated videos by asking your patients or clients to share quick feedback of your product on video on social media. Be sure they use a branded hashtag so your team can easily monitor these pieces and allow it to bring more awareness to your brand.

You can also interview happy customers and compile these reviews into one persuasive marketing video.



Facebook video is one of the best marketing tools to promote your business. Include these tactics in your digital marketing strategy to experience increased engagement with your followers on Facebook. You’ll also notice a growing number of followers on your page and more awareness of your brand.


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