How to SEO a Website

Ok, so you've probably already read that to have an Optimised website you need to focus on the following:

  • Page Titles
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Web Content
  • Off-Site SEO
These days Off-Site SEO is significant and contributes to 80% of the total Rank! Loads of sites have thousands of back-links and that is why they are ranking at the top but a new movement has arrived from Google that will actually start to penalise low quality links and reward high quality links.
This is good news for all the people that are behind in their back-links. SO rather than paying some Indian Company $25 for 20 links (that are low quality) all you need to focus on is getting just a few good quality links back to your website.
This is best done via Social Media! So you should create a  Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn, YouTube and most Importantly a Google+ Account! Maybe not all of them - but the 3 that would best work for your business. Make sure your platforms are getting loads of activity and loads of fan engagement because high traffic websites are the good quality websites that you want. And then link all social media platforms to each other and to your website.
and ta da!
.....obviously not as easy as it sounds as it does require lots of time and effort on your part.

SEO - if you do 1 thing...

Google+ is a MUST! Especially if you're a local business! If you haven't heard the latest buzz - Google is ditching Google Places and promoting Google+ pages instead.
So 1st thing to do is create a Google+ page for business. Tips on how to do that can be found on our Social Media Page.  (Pls Like us while you're there :-)
BUT, you need to grow this page! Encourage all your clients to write reviews for you, + your posts and follow you on Google+. Similar to Facebook & Twitter - you'll need to grow your engagement here in order for SEO to work.