How to Improve Your Inbound Marketing by Repurposing Content

Did you know that repurposing content was considered a top priority for 2016 and remains to be highly effective today (Source: Content Marketing Institute)?

Repurposing content is simply working smarter with your inbound marketing strategy. By taking your popular, long-form blog, or evergreen content, you can convert your article into various formats to appeal to different audiences and marketing platforms. It is an excellent way to expanding your content marketing, thus, improving your local reach and influence online.

By maintaining a consistent presence through repurposing content, you’ll increase brand awareness, grow your following, and improve leads and sales conversions. The benefits abound when you leverage this strategy in your inbound marketing.

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With your high-trafficked or long-form blog posts, here are 7 key ways to repurposing content for your business.

#1 Share with Your Email List

Your email subscribers are your biggest fans! They’ve opted into your list and desire to glean valuable information from your content. Therefore, they should be the first to know about your latest blog post. You can also re-share articles to serve as a reminder or to highlight a key point from your evergreen posts.

Include the link to the original post within the email using a clear call-to-action (CTA). This is great towards driving regular traffic to your site while continuously offering solutions and value to your email list.


#2 Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social media channel for B2B marketers (Source: Social Media Examiner). This social network has become the “go-to” channel for B2B brands and marketers. Members are actively seeking content that will hone their skills and keep them abreast of industry changes. It’s the perfect opportunity to give the people what they want and increase visibility to your organisation.

View these guidelines then post your content on LinkedIn Pulse. Also, join groups that are niche and industry-related as a way to build new relationships and share your content with. These professionals are eager to learn from your expertise.


#3 Post on Social Media with Imagesrepurposing content.jpg

The major advantage to repurposing content on social media is that you can share the same article many times and remain effective. You see, each network has a shelf-life to its content. The key is knowing how often to post on social media to achieve maximum results in your social media and inbound marketing strategy.

However, this doesn’t mean sharing the exact same post multiple times. Doing so is considered spamming and will yield negative returns. It does mean that you can share the same link but emphasise a different key point from your article using an image to complement your text. Or if you’re looking to drive engagement (i.e. likes, shares, comments), simply just offer the content without the link.

The goal is to be a source of value and information. As you publish content that gives solutions, educates and inspires, the more likely you are to attract a larger audience to your social pages.


#4 Create a Mini Video Series

Videos are incredibly effective in building trust. People draw into your message, allowing you to foster authentic relationships. In fact, more people are using videos to learn more about products and brands. Ramping up your video marketing helps get you in front of your target audience and move viewers to action.

One way to add more videos is by creating a mini video series from your blog article. Use the subheadings as a new video that gives a bit more detail about the topic. End your video with a CTA, either encouraging engagement or directing people to your link to get the full article.

Share these videos on your social channels, YouTube, with your list, and other video marketing platforms to boost exposure.


#5 Host a Webinar

If you want to bolster thought-leadership with your brand, utilising webinars is the way to go! They’re excellent opportunities to delve deeper into your topic and deliver immense value to your audience. Webinars position you as an authority and leader in your industry. It’s also a great way to amplify your lead generation as every participant must register with their name and email info.

Use your long-form, evergreen or popular blog content to host a webinar. Actively promote your broadcast to increase attendees. Finally, upload your powerpoint slides to SlideShare to maximise exposure.


#6 Convert into an Audio

Looking for ways to grow your podcast channel? There’s a good reason to. Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016 (Source: Hubspot). Additionally, weekly podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average. Using your blog posts to fill up your podcast channels is a smart move to capturing this audience while growing your content.

Have someone on your team with an amasing speaking voice convert your blog post into an audio. If you maintain a regular blogging schedule even once a week, this can compound the content on your channel in no time!



#7 Design an Infographic

Infographics ROCK on social media, being liked and shared 3 times more than any other content on social (Source: Hubspot). These highly visual detail-oriented images make it easy for viewers to digest data and information. Infographics work well on social media and are great additions to your future blog content.

Turn your blog post into an infographic to publish on your social networks. You can use simple tools like to create your own or hire a graphic designer.



Improve your inbound marketing by implementing this checklist in your strategy. View your Google Analytics to discover which articles are driving traffic and begin with those. With repurposing content, you’ll always have content to share with your audience, will appeal to different learning styles, and massively extend your reach to boost brand awareness.