How to Blog? Sound Intelligent and convert your blog traffic

Blogging on a regular basis will give your business the invaluable benefit of increased website traffic and therefore, hopefully… More Website Conversions.

Most marketers & business owners already know about the many benefits of blogging but what they really struggle with is:

  1. Finding the time to Blog

  2. Finding the Inspiration to Blog

  3. Making the Blog sound Intelligent and Relevant to their target audience.

  4. Pushing out the Blog via relevant platforms so that it’s found by the right people.



Here I cover off how to combat these struggles and set-up automation in place so as to make this task much easier and quicker in the future. For more automation tools that will help your business thrive – download my Free eBook here.

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Many marketers are afraid to blog for the same reason that many people are afraid of public speaking. They are scared of getting judged and they are scared of writing something silly or invaluable.

The feeling is completely normal and most first-time bloggers do experience this. The key to becoming confident with blogging is loads of practice and figuring out ways to write Intelligent Blogs quicker. Let me help you get there faster….

How to Find the time to Blog ?

The question to ask is When is the best time to Blog ? Scientific Research into the human body has found that there are certain times of day when the body is just better at performing certain activities. Bouts of creative writing might be easier to come by just after waking as this is the time of day when the prefrontal cortex is most active.  The human body also has the most will power in the morning so is more likely to commit to a task and make a habit out of it.

So try blogging first thing in the morning with your morning coffee and see how you go. Don’t put a time limit on your creativity and just keep in mind that you have the rest of the day to get all the other things done. If necessary, wake up 1hr earlier than usual to do this so you’re more relaxed about spending time on it.

How to Find Inspiration to Blog ?

You should already have a theme for your blog that is related to your business and target audience. The best way to find inspiration is to think back to some of the common questions your customers have asked you over the years. What did they want to know? If they did then surely many others just like them will have the same questions. And if they are typing these questions into Google – then ideally they will see your blog, go to your website and give you a call.

Get in the habit of writing down your customers’ questions in a little diary over the working day – no matter how mundane they are. The next morning, open this diary and pick a question that you want to answer with your blog. Remember, blogs are supposed to be informative and educational so the whole blog title and content should be based around this question and answering it to the best of your abilities.


How to Sound Intelligent ?

Use Facts and Research & Industry News so long as it’s relevant to your theme and business. And obviously watch your grammar.

Just by giving your readers facts in the form of numbers: i.e. 10% of people are left-handed (truth) – you will sound more intelligent and you will be contributing information that they don’t already know.


Very well you say but how to blog with this information quickly?


In the form of a beautiful Content Automation Tool that you can use to source all type of content for you.

To see which one works best for me and discover more automation tools that will help your business thrive – download my Free eBook here.

Business Automation Software

If you want to increase the speed at which you write blogs then you want to limit the amount of time you spend on researching these facts. Use a Content Automation Tool to email you articles on a daily basis.

Wouldn’t this be duplicate content you ask ? Absolutely not. Blogs can be either Created or Curated and both forms will do well for your business.

Curated is when you borrow content such as facts, statistics, news, professional information or expert knowledge and use it in your blog. Feel free to credit the source as no harm is done in that.

This will help you sound intelligent & offer your readers something of value but it will also help you write quicker and give you more inspiration.


How to Push out my Blog so it’s seen by more people ?

Did I say automation ? There are some brilliant marketing automation tools that can help you do this via multiple platforms in the quickest possible way. One of the best ones that I use is featured in my eBook along with a comparison on others.

But basically, this blog needs to go out via:

  1. Your Website – please tell me you have a blog page

  2. Your Social Media Platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, Twitter, whatever you fancy

  3. Your Emails – see more on Email Workflows here.


You should then be using a marketing tool to help you track the progress of your blog. Metrics that you should be measuring are:

  1. How many people have read my blog

  2. How many people clicked on my internal links

  3. How did they behave on the website

  4. What did they do next

  5. How many people got in touch


Once again, there are some brilliant marketing automation tools that do all this for you. I’ve outlined them in my Free eBook which you can download here.

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