How to adapt your SEO To Google’s new SERP




Every year, Google runs some tests on its Search Engine in order to improve the user’s experience, but also to maximise its benefits. In 2016, the paid ads located on the right of the screen disappeared but a 4th one under the 3 first results of the page has been added, reducing the organic results.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to change that, however what we do is to adapt and embrace those changes to make the most out of them. But how?


Understand the new SERP landscape


Depending on the type of request, Google will display different types of results: Google AdWords, images, videos, local results and even “Google Answers”.

Usually, a SEO analysis looks at the ranking and request opportunities based on keywords and competition. Something that became relevant is to take in consideration the type of results displayed by Google.

SEMRush has a free tool that shows all the Google results by category, based on a list of keywords search. This allow you to readjust your keywords choice according to the SERP.




Monopolize the first Google results


It is by optimizing your site and using every types of result at your disposal that you’ll be able to gain some visibility in a SERP for a specific request, and keep competition at bay. For more tips on how to optimize your Website, you can download our FREE eBook HERE.


Here are main components to include in your SEO strategy:


Google AdWords

Google Ads can be a useful tool, sometimes even essential depending on the industry. It can help to establish a new Brand and launching a new Website. Google Ads also allows you to redirect your visitors to a landing page which, if it’s well designed, has the potential to convert 10 times more than your site Homepage.

In addition, Google Ads displays Shopping results where you can be present. This can make a massive difference, especially when they overtake the page results like in the example below:




The images

Images can boost your conversion rate. The SERP displays images and you should take advantage of it! Users love images and look at what they’re going to buy, their next destination or the design of a new tool.

Besides, for some requests, images attract a very important traffic as they are on first position on Google SERP.



Here are a few tips to optimize your images:
  • Rename your pictures before uploading them (blue-ipad.jpg)
  • Prefer the following formats: jpeg, png, gif
  • Use quality unique images (between 500px and 1200px)
  • Make sure they’re light enough to not slower your site ‘speed (compression)
  • Add your images within rich and optimized text content
  • Include a title, and a description using the <alt> tag


The Video

The Video is so attractive and user-friendly that it has become a great form of content, very well-perceived by Google. The video is a powerful SEO weapon which can contribute in ranking well in the SERP.


Here are a few tips to optimize your video:

  • Create your own YouTube channel (brand name)
  • Create 1 to 4 minutes videos
  • Use SEO titles for your videos (optimized with your keywords)
  • Write a long description (300 words minimum)
  • Use your keywords for the YouTube tags
  • Spread your videos on the internet and through your Social Medias
  • Include backlinks to your Website and Social Medias
  • Engage with your audience




The local results


With 80% of people using their smartphone to run a search on Google, local results are literally booming in the SERP and it’s only the beginning! 

What we can see today is 2 types of local results: the Google My Business results and the organic results.

If your Business is local, it is highly recommended to register it in Google my Business in order to appear in the local results. Doing a good job with your onsite SEO will also help to rank well on the local SERP for your industry.




Here are a few tips to optimize local Business:

  • Create a 100% complete Business profile in Google My Business (GMB)
  • Obtain a maximum of positive reviews on that profile and any other directories where you figure
  • Post at least once a week local content on your GMB profile (News, pictures, video, article etc.)
  • Update your Business information regularly (contact, legal mentions, Team, opening hours etc.)
  • List your Business in local professional directories (Yellow Pages, Yelp etc.)





A new way of thinking SEO is emerging where the notions of “result format” and “SERP layout” need to be taken in consideration. It is now important to verify the SERPs linked to a specific request in order to determine the best format of answer to bring.


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