Google Analytics Training for Your Clients

You may have been asked by some proactive clients to provide Google Analytics Training. Here I aim to explain the best things to teach them.
Whether they have asked you or not I think its extremely beneficial for both client and agency if the client was more knowledgeable on the topic. Because the more they understand the more they can appreciate all the work that is involved. They also eventually come to realize that Online Marketing data is highly measurable and easy to get. They start to see that Online Marketing is bringing them most of their sales/leads and then they are more likely to stick around for years and years..... :-)
And also let's not forget that Google Analytics data is completely free!
Ok, so here is the training that I like to provide:
Lesson 1 | Your Audience
Before going into this - ask your client "Who do you think is your main audience?" Where do they come from, how do they behave on your website and what device do they use ?
Here I would give them a brief run on each Tab under Audience but the most important thing to ask your client is "Is this what you expected?" and "Are you happy with this result?"
You should most definitely have Goals set-up (even if its just a soft goal) so one area to focus on is Mobile > Devices > Goal Set 1:



This is quite important because there are a lot of recommendations you can make based on this information. For example:


  • Are mobiles and tablets driving quite a bit of the sales ? Is it then worth creating a specific mobile friendly website ?
  • Also within Adwords - is it worth adjusting the mobile bidding ? is it worth creating a campaign that targets mobiles ?
I think its worth it in any case even if just to experiment. But with recent data showing a ridiculously fast growth in the number of mobile purchases its only a matter of time before this device becomes extremely profitable for businesses that are willing to embrace it.
Other important things to look at are Visitor Engagement. In particular page depth:



Are customers just looking at 1 page ? if so then why ? I mean no serious or potential buyer would just look at 1 page would they ?
Best thing to do here is find out which pages are responsible for driving this up and address them ASAP. Obviously they are not providing customers with the correct navigation path and are not directing them to where you want them to go > the purchase page.
Also, look at New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors. Is the Goal Conversion Rate of one more than the other or are they equally as effective ?



If Returning Visitor has more value then perhaps you should get more proactive with them - perhaps start collecting email addresses and start sending out weekly promo emails. Yes I know it sounds old-skool - but trust me IT WORKS!
Or if returning visitors don'r provide a higher value then ask yourself why ? Why aren't they converting when they already know your brand, your website, your policies. Are they going to a competitor ? Are they changing their minds at a particular page ? Are they unsatisfied with the purchase process. A good tool to use here is a Website Feedback tool such as Kampyle. You'd be surprised at how many visitors are willing to comment and help you improve your website.
I recently had a client that launched a new website. Basically their web developer failed to test the E-commerce functionality across all Browsers and it turned out that there were issues when visitors used a certain version of Internet Explorer. A lot of sales were lost but thankfully it was fixed quite quickly once the feedback started coming in.
So teach your clients how to view the Visitor Flow Data under the Audiences Tab so that they can see how their visitors are navigating through their site and teach them to look for any discrepancies.
Moving On....
Lesson 2 | Your Marketing Sources
Here I think its important to combine data from the Traffic Sources tab and the Conversions Tab to show clients how to view where their customers are reeeeaaaallllyy coming from. Cannot emphasise this enough! So yes show them that they are receiving plenty of Organic and Direct Traffic - but then go to Assisted Conversions, multi channel funnels and Attribution and show them that multiple sources are responsible for these sales. So yes! they did see your banner ad multiple times before they decided to go directly to your website and make a purchase. And yes! they clicked on multiple paid ads before they came back on an organic search and made a purchase. Look at this:
You'd be shocked at the path some customers take. I could analyse this behaviour for hours but I'm currently  stuck on a plane for 10 hours and my brain already hurts!
This is actually quite a simple path - I've seen some really strange ones that give credit to at least 5 different sources.
As a result, I think its important to teach your clients how to view this data and teach them that the more Online Marketing they do then the more chances they have of increasing their sales.


Lesson 3 | Your Content
This is the part where you have to teach your clients how to look at their website in a non-biased way. Basically this is the part that will provide them with accurate, solid data that they can go away and analyse. They will then be more willing to make some positive changes.
If ever you want to convince a client that they need to make some web changes then this is what you have to teach them to look at.
They need to learn how each Landing Page performs in terms of:
  • The number of page views it attracts
  • The number of unique visitors it attracts
  • The time on page spent
  • The number of conversions this page is responsible for
All this data will allow them to determine which are their most profitable pages and why. They then have the blueprint to fix all the other poorly performing pages (eveybody has them).
Make sure you teach them to navigate to the Goal Set 1 as after all - Sales is what really counts!
I think this is enough information for them to go away and think about. 3 important lessons that should really only take you an hour to show them. And they will love you for it :-)