Google Adwords Quality Score EXPOSED

OK I'm supposed to be on holidays but couldn't help myself checking all my Social Media platforms (facebook, instagram, google+ and blogger) and I refuse to add any more to my selection because then I will really need about 30hours a day to get everything done.
So apart from all the selfies, duck faces and food photos - here's the most exciting post that I came across:
YAY! and about time too!
Clients often ask me what is a Quality Score and how can I increase mine - to which my answer usually was:
Ok you need:
  • a high Click-Through-Rate - because that means your Ads are relevant to the search term and therefore Google rewards you by displaying your Ad in the top position for a lower cost-per-click.
  • a relevant Landing Page but also a Website with a good Host! If you have pop-ups or a page that takes ages to load then Google doesn't like that one-bit. Also if the page re-directs straight away to another page that's a big No No!
But Click-Through-Rate was always the most important one.
I also tell a lot of my clients that If I take over their Adwords then they shouldn't expect a high Quality Score overnight - especially if they've been running the campaign themselves inefficiently. This is because Google also gives your overall Account a Quality Score out of 10. Now this is usually based on the average of all your keywords and its assigned to the domain of your website.
So if you think you can be tricky and scrap one account and start another then think again! Your crappy quality score will follow you around until you make some profound changes and make your online campaign relevant to your customers.
This may take awhile, however, the results are way worth it! And here are some of the rewards that you could be basking in:
  • Top 3 Ranks for your Ads - majority of the time!
  • Low Cost-per-Click - some clients are paying less than $0.10 per click for their main keywords
  • Overall a more effective Online Marketing Campaign
This then means you get more web visits for your budget and your budget lasts a lot longer throughout the day. Imagine what you can do with all those extra leads ey ?
SO YEAH! It's quite important to have a good Quality Score and I'm extremely excited to find out what is under the bonnet and what else Google looks at. STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS! :-)
ok back to the pool I go.....
I'm here on my honeymoon by the way but couldn't help writing a quick blog: