How to Effectively Generate New Leads on Facebook for Your Property Brand

Whether you’re a property manager, real estate agent or in the property sector, building your presence on Facebook is a must to get in front of prospective buyers and bring more exposure to your brand.

Deemed as the #1 social media network with almost 2 billion active users, honing your Facebook marketing strategy results in an increased following that’s excited about your company and desires to engage more in your content. It also provides ample opportunity for generating quality leads into your sales funnel.

You see, by sharing valuable posts that offer solutions, answers questions, and gives helpful tips on Facebook, you’ll position your brand as an expert and authority in the property industry. Your content will compel people to join your list so they stay connected and “in the know”.

Since growing your email list is the lifeblood of your business, it’s crucial to optimise every marketing channel to converting new leads to boost revenue opportunities. In this guide, you’ll discover five ways on how to effectively generate new leads on Facebook to grow your property business online.


#1 Share Expert Advice that Appeals to Your Unique Audience

As mentioned, publishing quality-rich content is at the center of inbound marketing. Your blog posts, videos, email content, ads and social media posts are geared towards attracting your ideal customer to your brand and, ultimately, to your list.

With that said, it’s important that you're clear on the audience you intend to reach so your Facebook content is effective in drawing them into your message. The best way to gaining a complete understanding of your market is by developing buyer personas.

As you establish your buyer personas, you’ll have a clear picture of who your ideal client is, their obstacles and challenges, and the role they play in the buying decision. It gives you concrete, detailed information regarding your prospects so you create content that appeals to their interest. Consequently, you’ll find your followership and engagement levels increase because you’re giving your audience exactly what they want.

Your buyer personas will guide you in the content creation process for your Facebook content. Showcase your expertise by giving advice, tips, and tricks that your audience would find useful. Promote your blog posts, landing pages (more on this next), and YouTube videos to boost awareness and add value. To effectively capture leads, it’s important to include a call-to-action (CTA) in your content that directs visitors to the next step…the opt-in.


#2 Create Landing Pages Particularly for Your Facebook Followers

Landing pages specific to your Facebook followers will significantly increase conversions because it’s targeted, relates to that audience, and appeals to a solution they’ve expressed interest in. For instance, when the content offer on your landing page is congruent to the message you’ve promoted on Facebook, visitors are more likely to opt-in.

So an excellent lead magnet example for the property industry could include an eBook or a mini-video series that outlines the steps to purchasing a home. When people click on your link from your ad or Facebook post, your landing page content should speak to your Facebook followers.

Consider these other key pointers towards designing a winning landing page for your Facebook marketing:

  • Highlight one offer per landing page to keep it hyper-focused
  • Use images and videos that complement the content to boost SEO and website experience
  • Have a clear CTA that gives direction on what to do next
  • Make them super actionable with content that goes deep into solving a problem
  • Target keyword phrases that your audience is actively searching for
  • Sell and demonstrate the benefits they’ll receive from your content offer in return for opting into your list

Remember, after you build your first landing page, you must continually test variations to improve your conversion metrics to achieve maximum results.


#3 Ramp Up Your Visual Strategy

Statistics prove that adding visuals to your Facebook content exponentially raises engagement. In fact, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without images. Additionally, Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day. Investing in your visual strategy for your property brand will drive huge attention to your content and open doors for obtaining fresh leads from social media.

Here’s how to ramp up your visual strategy to bolster your lead generation from Facebook:

#1 High-Quality Images – The beauty about the property industry is that there are a plethora of opportunities to post images of your homes, commercial properties, etc. that give prospectives an idea of your listings. Use this to your advantage. The more photos you share that highlights the features and benefits of your property, the more interest you’ll generate. Carousels and collages are great for showcasing many images.

#2 Quote Images – People enjoy being inspired, regardless who is doing the inspiring. Share quote images to keep people motivated to take action.

#3 Social Videos - Video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts on Facebook. Videos have a remarkable way of captivating viewers and moving people to action. Implement videos into your content strategy to create awareness and capture leads. Give the CTA during and at the end of the video, showing people where they can leverage your content offer.;

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#4 Facebook Live- Perhaps one of the fastest ways to building your property brand, Facebook Live is an extraordinary way to build trust with your followers while bringing more exposure to your business. Use a mixture of organic uploads and live videos in your Facebook marketing. Be sure to promote the time of your live broadcast in advance to boost viewership.


#4 Use Facebook Ads 

A final tactic to generating new leads on Facebook is through paid ads. By running Facebook Ad campaigns, you’ll grow your followership, and increase lead and sales conversions. Facebook makes it really easy to create targeted ads to get in front of your intended audience. It’s also highly cost-effective and can fit any budget or goal.

Here are a few successful ways to optimise your Facebook Ads targeting:

  • Consider expanding the age range; test a wider range by choosing an age range of either 10 years or 30-40 years. This may help cut costs with the possibility of Facebook still showing your ad primarily to your target audience
  • Leverage the "Must also Match" feature to boost engagement and also reduce costs by up to 25%. The feature allows you to go beyond choosing just a group of interests in your ad settings
  • Facebook Retargeting is a must! Having your ad content follow visitors everywhere they go significantly boosts conversions and keeps your brand "top of mind" after people leave your ad
  • Serve ads to people who have visited your website but haven’t purchased yet
  • Create a lookalike audience of people who have already converted on your ads



Leveraging Facebook marketing to bolster your lead generation is a great move for growing your sales funnel. Implement these tips into your marketing and test your outcomes. Remain consistent to truly gauge what’s working and what needs to be modified for improvement.

With 55% of marketers choosing Facebook as their most important social media platform, amplifying your marketing will prove to do wonders for your property brand.