If you're a marketer that wears many hats at your organisation or have taken over at a start-up that grew too quickly, you'll likely be trying to get your head around multiple aspects of the business, several subscriptions that aren't being used and marketing campaigns that spell out very conflicting data.

Sorting out this mess usually leaves you wondering if you're spending your time wisely with your work-hours and wondering if you can sacrifice your free time to sort it out.

Sorting this mess for you is our specialty. We call it a Discovery Workshop as we tend to discover multiple little holes in each area of your marketing efforts that have helped:

  • Get you ahead on your workload.
  • Give you more free time to focus on strategy.
  • Increase Revenue by + 20%.
  • Increase Customer Retention by +10%.

Wouldn't that be a nice result to take to your board of directors?


So, what's Included in your Discovery Workshop

Fact Finding Session:

With key stakeholders which can include marketing, sales, leadership, technology & customer service, that will help us build you a bullet proof Discovery Document that works across the business.

Your Content Marketing Strategy: 

    • A great content strategy always starts with the customer in mind, so we will start (if you don’t already have this) by determining your primary and secondary Buyer Persona and refining and updating (if you do).  
    • We then look at the Buyer Journey that these people take to buy your products and services and then determine
    • What content they need to see at what stage of this journey, to turn them from visitors, to prospects, to customers to advocates for you. I’m sure you’ve heard the terms Top, Middle and Bottom of Funnel before!
    • Content Mapping is the process we undertake to map this content to their journey, so they see the right content at the right time
    • We undertake a Content Gap analysis, so we can determine what great content you already have and what you need to produce to be considered world class
    • We then determine the Content Pillars that you need to best engage your buyer persona, which are basically topics of interest to your potential customers
    • And finally armed with the buyer persona document, the content discovery, content pillars information and their buyer journey information, we develop your first month’s Content Calendar to ensure you can now scale and grow!

Check out what Nick Reynolds, CMO of Lenovo had to say about the effectiveness of our Content Marketing:



Your Advertising Campaigns: 

      • Paid Search & Paid Social are analysed in-depth to help determine simple changes that can increase leads but also increase the quality of those leads. 
      • Having a robust paid Google & LinkedIn strategy is vital and we will review your Google Analytics, Google Ads and LinkedIn data to make sure you are humming along in these areas and if not, we will give you the insights, strategy and plan to do so.


Your Marketing Automation Campaigns:

    • Whether you run Hubspot or something else, we'll look at ways to improve your lead nurture strategies and customer success strategies to help not just increase Sales Qualified Leads but retain customers too.
    • The key to scaling and growing is this marketing automation as it overlays and integrates with the Content Strategy we will build out for you
    • And set your Reporting to Best Practice KPIs, all from the one dashboard, so you have the data to hand to make informed decisions about your business as it scales and grows!


Website Discovery

  • Your Technical Discovery. 
    • We haven’t found a website that we haven’t been able to improve in some way and our Technical Fix Report will identify how we can better what you already have
    • We’ve found that addressing simple technical errors on the website that help improve usability have helped increase traffic and conversions by a massive 20%.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 
    • CRO is the science which addresses simple elements on the site such as navigation, copy, imagery and call-to-actions and s the name suggests the goal is to improve your conversion rates.
    • We start by using sophisticated analytical tools which can help us build a picture of what people actually do whilst on your website! 
    • Improving this aspect on a site will give you more customers, from what you already had and continue to give you more as you scale and grow!
Jo_Why discovery sessions

The Value?

Our Discovery Workshops have been proven to achieve a 20% increase in income and 10% increase in customer retention. The value of these metrics will be different for each business.

As you can see in this Discovery, we leave NO stone unturned in giving you YOUR plan to scale and grow to dizzy heights.

The process takes a minimum of 4-weeks to complete & the best way forward is to book your free 30min Strategy call with our Head of Digital, Joana Inch, to see if this will actually work for you.  

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