Digital Marketing: Make the Most out of Facebook and Your Website

We are living in the day and age of everything digital. With that being said, businesses face many choices and decisions when it comes to marketing online. Because every other business is online promoting as well, defining your business and marketing to your target audience is critical to success. Instead of aimlessly floundering in the sea of online ads, you want your business to rise to the surface. If you aren't sure how, highlighted here are a couple of ways to use Facebook and your website to make the most out of digital marketing for your business.

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If your business isn't present on Facebook, today is the day to create a Facebook page. With millions of users around the globe, creating a page for your business is an easy and cost-effective way to reach the people you're marketing to in your area. A Facebook page gives people a glimpse of your business while directing them to your website. At no cost, publishing posts about your business at peak times will improve your visibility in the news feed of your followers. If you pay to boost your post, you can expect greater access to new consumers in your area for a lower cost than that of newspaper advertisements or billboards. 

For best results, create a Facebook page that is attractive yet specific to your field of business. If, for example, you are in the education business, what are the main points you want to convey to your followers? Narrow this down and provide consistent posts and advertisements. You want to give people a feel for what your business does and who it works with. Know your target audience, pay attention to the posts that get the most attention from them, and stick with it. It's also wise to stick to a schedule. Inundating your followers news feed with constant ads could potentially have a negative effect; so, up the quality of posts, not the quantity. This also includes the use of Instagram and Twitter. 

Facebook is fast becoming the leader in digital ads and the sky's the limit as far as online marketing goes. According to David Wehner, chief financial officer for Facebook:

Facebook and its photo-sharing app, Instagram, are the “two most important mobile-ad platforms”.

This same article mentions the astounding lead Facebook and Google have in online advertising:

Facebook and Google dominate the online advertising market. The two tech giants snatched 99 per cent of the online-ad industry’s revenue growth last year, estimated Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser using data published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Facebook holds 16 per cent of the global digital-ad market, behind Google’s 33 per cent share, says forecasting firm eMarketer.

If managing a successful Facebook page is not something your business has time for or is something you aren't sure you can do well on your own, there are digital agencies out there that can take care of this for you.


If you have a website, you're on the right track. To increase your website's visibility in internet searches, you should have a blog. Blogs are an excellent way to improve your business being found and they provide visitors to your website with information about your business. Using education as an example, post blogs specific to the type of school or learning that your business promotes. Provide quality, easy to read posts that target the audience you want to reach. 

Be aware of your blog's content. High-quality content will help to boost your SEO. This is a huge must if you're competing to be seen online. This is why it's imperative for you to have a fine-tuned and applicable idea about your business that you can share. Make sure that the content is current and relevant to your business as well. Feature local people or stories that will draw potential followers attention. As with posts on Facebook, come up with a schedule for posting blogs and stick to it. 

If you're unclear as to whether or not a blog would benefit your business, consider the story of Kylie Travers from Melbourne. Her blogs helped her propel herself from homelessness to becoming an award-winning CEO. In a recent article, she explains:

"My company buys websites and monetises them. It also connects influencers with people and shares blogging and finance tips.

"It's totally self-taught," Travers added, when asked how she learned all of this.

"I attended and spoke at a conference in 2011 on how to make money from blogs, and learned a lot from other mentors. I implemented that hugely when I set up my business in 2014."

Video Blogging

(or, vlogging) is another option. For businesses related to education, this is an excellent way to "show" your audience what your business does. Different teaching methods can be demonstrated in this way as well as one-on-one interviews with experts in the education field or with people who have benefited from your business. Video blogs are an up and coming trend that many businesses are using to reach their customers. As with everything else you do online to promote your business, quality is of the utmost importance, as is the information provided. Videos should also be no more than a couple of minutes long, otherwise you risk losing your viewer's attention. This article shares some helpful advice:

By creating a video you can share it on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as having it embedded on your website.

Don't be afraid to tell real stories, rather than thinking it must have Hollywood style production values. A survey carried out by showed that 71 per cent of businesses said their video conversation rate was higher than any other form of media they used.

You have the raw material to tell a great story on the real life accounts of how people have benefited from your products or services.

If your website is lacking in this department, there is no time like the present to bring it up to speed by adding a blog. If lack of time or knowledge of how to do it is holding your business back, reach out for affordable, professional help. The cost should be worth the return you'll see in your business.

Your website and Facebook page are two of the easiest and most affordable ways to reach your audience. Making sure they're both utilizing the right tools is an excellent way to set your business up for success.