Determining the Best Landing Pages in Google Analytics

It's now so easy to link Adwords & Analytics but I'm also discovering that under the Adwords Tab there are more and more functions being added. So far we have access to:


  • Campaigns
  • Bid Adjustments
  • Keywords
  • Matched Search Queries
  • Day Parts
  • Destination URLs
  • Placements
  • Keyword Positions

Sometimes the endless reporting that Analytics provides is quite surreal and best of all - It's FREE!

Today I'd just like to look at Destination URLs & how to choose the best ones.

Previously, when I wanted to determine the success of a Landing Page that I was using for Adwords I had to go under the Content Tab, find the Destination URLs that I was using in Adwords and then use Paid Search as a secondary source to determine such things as:


  • Bounce Rate
  • Visits
  • Time on Site
  • Goals
To be honest, it seemed like the long and hard way of doing things and I wasn't 100% sure that my data was correct.
Analytics has come so far since then - I'm extremely impressed and feel quite proud when I send a report over to my clients with all this additional data.
Check this out:
This is a screenshot of the results I'm seeing for one of my clients that will remain anonymous. I am trying to improve their Adwords campaign and so one of the first things I look at is which are their best performing Landing Pages. I also want to do a comparison to the week before (below row) as it's important to keep improving on Goal completions.
Now I should also mention that this client is in Retail and that the Economy in Australia is pretty bad right now. Even bread is super expensive:
Landing Pages in Google Analytics
To top it all of we have a Federal Election that's been announced 9 months prior to its time and when that happens the whole nation freezes! They barely search let alone shop. Its as if there is so much uncertainty in our country that we must save our money for a rainy day.
This is quite evident in the results above. As you can see visitors have reduced by an average of 6.29% and its getting worse week-by-week.  Despite this - it would appear that the average pages-per-visit have increased by 1.86% in just 1 week and although that seems like a small figure - it has gradually increased week-by-week so it builds up. this indicates to me that they are trying to be more safe when shopping. They are probably browsing more pages to see if there are any offers, see what the best buys are but also many of them are viewing the returns policy page as opposed to impulse buying which was popular a few months ago :-). Very Interesting!
Based on this info - I can inform my client that adding a Free Returns Banner on their website to make this wonderful offer stand out more will encourage more sales.
I can also see that Landing Page #1 has decreased in number of sales whilst Landing Page #2 has increased in number of sales.
FYI: Landing Page #1 is the Offers Page and Landing Page #2 is the Home Page.
Based on this data - I login to Adwords and add the Home Page as the Destination URLs to more Adverts. I also made sure to examine all the other Landing Pages which are the individual product pages. It appears that the Home Page is out-performing all of them.
I'm a big believer in sending people to the most relevant page so if they search for batteries then send them to the batteries page - but here it would appear that most people prefer to buy after seeing the Home Page first.
Perhaps it's because of all the special deals that are mentioned on this page. I guess potential buyers feel much more safe shopping after that and feel like they are getting their money's worth.
Lucky for me - conversions have increased by 16.67% but I want to keep improving on this.
So now that I've made these changes - I need to keep a close eye on these results. I have a feeling shopping behaviour will change quite a bit after our election.
In conclusion, I'd like to add that there is never one best landing page to use. You will find that this changes all the time depending on the competition and socio-economic factors.
If you want to keep improving on results then I suggest you login frequently in to Google Analytics to see what Landing Page is doing best for the current week and compare it to the previous week. Perhaps set a report to send each week or each fortnight even - depends on the type of business you run. This will help you determine a little bit about shopping behaviour and then make the relevant changes to help you improve your ROI.
Furthermore, Google Analytics recently announced Bid Adjustment Reporting. This is great at monitoring how the various bids that you use per device helps with ROI. Click on the link to read more and make sure to experiment with this in your own campaign as this is the best way to learn.