4 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips to Maximize Your Sales

The primary challenge of any shop owner is to turn people who are "just browsing" into people who come to buy something. On a website, this is called your conversion rate, and it tells you what percentage of your traffic actually buys something from you. Because you might have hundreds of thousands of shoppers, but if they don't buy anything, then you aren't making any profits.

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That's why it's a good idea to take some of this advice from UnBounce, TruConversion, and WiderFunnel to make sure your traffic does more than just window shop.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips to Maximize Your Sales

Tip #1: Consider The Mobile User Experience

Mobile devices are legion in today's world, and we're reaching the tipping point where a mobile-friendly site will go from being a convenience to a necessity. Given that so many people shop on the go, making purchases from tablets and smartphones in the time between other activities, it's important to be sure you offer that option. Otherwise they'll go to another site that allows them to use their device of choice free of hassle.

Tip #2: Call to Action, and Its Visibility

A call to action is one of the most important things you can have when it comes to conversion. It is, in essence, a demand for your viewer to do something. Whether it's, "donate now," on a charity site, or, "follow us on Facebook," on a blog, your call to action communicates to your audience what they should do. As such, that call to action needs to be clearly visible, and it needs to have some punch. Give your audience a reason to do what you're telling them... like a discount if they "order now," for example.

Tip #3: Improve Your Load Times

The days of dial-up, where people expected to wait for a minute or two before a page finally finished loading, are long dead. If someone clicks over to your store, and it takes more than a handful of seconds to load, the likely result is that someone is going to click away, and shop somewhere faster. It doesn't matter how great your bargains are, or how secure your site is; speed is a deal-breaker for Internet shopping. If your site isn't fast enough, consider cutting out high-end graphics, unnecessary video, and anything that slows down the fill-in time. Better to have simple interface that someone will use, than a gorgeous one half your audience won't wait around for.

Tip #4: Be As User-Friendly As Possible

How many times have you found a site that was selling exactly what you wanted, but halfway through the red tape you decided it simply wasn't worth this frustration? That happens a lot when it comes to online commerce, and you want to avoid it at all costs. That means you first have to identify points of frustrations, and then you have to eliminate them as completely as possible.

For example, does your website require people who want to buy something to set up an online account with you? Is that necessary? If it isn't, then give shoppers the ability to open an account, but let people check out without one. Does the checkout process take seven different screens, when you could collapse the information onto two? Can customers input all their coupon codes at once, or do you make them do it one at a time? Are your goods broken up in an easy-to-navigate way, or is finding the section someone wants more a matter of luck and persistence? These are the sorts of questions you need to ask, and if the answers aren't positive, you need to fix that.

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