Conversion Optimisation 2

Here are 5 (black & white) steps - to help you Improve your Adwords campaign:

Conversion Optimisation 2
1. Login to your Account and from the Campaign Tab click on Segment > Device. This will show you what devices your visitors are using to find you. If more than 15% of your visits are using Tablets or Smartphones then you should create a unique Mobile campaign that specifically targets these users. Within this campaign you should create WAP Mobile Adverts that are shorter in length but more visible to Smartphones and will therefore attract a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
You should also consider the keywords that your target audience will use on a Smartphone in order to find you. They will be shorter and most probably mis-spelt :-) so broaden your keyword list.
2. Next go to the Keywords Tab and click on See Search Terms > All. This will show you a list of keywords that have triggered your Ads. Some of them may be quite relevant and so you should add them to your campaigns by clicking on them and pressing 'Add as Keyword'.
Some of them may be costing you lots of money & may be completely irrelevant. For example, lets say you're selling shoes online and one of your keywords is "Women's Shoes Online". Unless this is an [Exact Match] keyword then your Ad will also appear for the keyword any phrases with the word '"Free Women's Shoes Online". In this case what you'd want to do is add [Free] as a Negative keyword. You may also find people searching for your services but in a different suburb. For example, "Women's Shoes Online Perth" will trigger your Ad and if you only sell to Sydney then you should make [Perth] a Negative keyword as well. And so on.....
3. From the Campaign Tab, go to Customize Columns > Competitive Metrics > Add Impr. share, Lost IS (Budget), Lost IS (Rank). These Metrics are useful in seeing if you're delegating the correct amount of budget to each Campaign so that you don't miss out on potential traffic and if you're Bids are enough to give you a good Ad Rank so that you get more clicks.
So if 1 campaign has a high percentage under  Lost IS (Budget) then you should increase the budget for that campaign. And if 1 campaign has a high percentage under Lost IS (Rank) then you should increase the Max Bids.
This way you can make sure you don't miss out on any potential traffic! ...and leads!
4. Create a Re-marketing Campaign by clicking on + new campaign > display network only (remarketing). Now this is a pretty cool feature. This basically allows us to “follow” your website visitors and advertise to them again if they happen to be browsing a website that’s partnered with Google.
So after driving traffic to your site with search ads, you can then re market to those users who reach your site by showing them tailored banner or text ads on sites throughout the Google Display Network. In order to run this campaign you would need to place an additional code on your website (yes another 1 J) and you'll need to use effective banner ads that re-enforce your message.
The advantage of this campaign is that unlike typical banner campaigns, you’re only advertising to visitors that have already been on your website via Adwords. So if they are already thinking about your services & see another Advert – then there is a greater chance of conversion.
Test this out for a couple of months! See how well it works for you and please report your findings back to me.
5. If you have a website video or a TV commercial (most companies do these days) then you should try an Online VIDEO Campaign. Click on  + new campaign > Online Video.
AdWords for video is a great tool that consolidates campaign creation, cost-per-view (CPV) bid settings, and video asset selection for video campaigns focused on targeting YouTube audiences across YouTube and the Google Display Network with TrueView video ad formats.
You can mix and match the available formats and their matching network audiences in one campaign. You'll receive reporting beyond the current AdWords interface that provides meaningful metrics and actionable, video-specific insights.
Just another tool to try out for your Business. And considering that everyone is on YouTube these days - you shouldn't miss out on this! Just make sure you link this campaign to your YouTube Account so that you can access more Info.