Conversion Optimisation

Last week I spoke about common mistakes that advertisers make within their AdWords Account and how to avoid them. This week I'm going to give you some advice on what to do to help increase conversions.

I recently did this for a new client and they reported a spike in conversions within 2 days!
1. Once you've run an AdWords Account for a couple of months - you should have data that shows you which keywords are resulting in the most amount of impressions & also the most amount of conversions (provided you've installed the Conversion Code on your website).
Take these keywords and give them their own Campaign. Assign them their unique settings & budget and write Ads that are just targeted to these keywords. For example, if your highest converting keyword is "Web Marketing" then create a campaign called 'Web Marketing', only add key-phrases that have those 2words in them (i.e 'Web Marketing Services', 'Web Marketing Consultant', etc).
2. The adverts written should have these keywords in the title, a short description of the benefits of your business and then a call to action. In my experience, its these adverts that achieve the highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR).
3. Also do this for keywords that receive lots of clicks but have a low CTR (less than 5%). Once these keywords are assigned their own targeted Ads & Keywords you will notice an increase in CTR. This increase will benefit you in the long term as it will help increase your overall Quality Score and therefore you'll be paying less per click to appear in the top 3 ranks on the search pages.
4. You should also add variations of the successful keywords – use the Google keyword tool for this. Type in the keyword into the 'Word' box and check 'Only show ideas closely related to my search terms'.
5. Also add variations of your successful Adverts and pause the Adverts with a low Click-Through-Rate. You should be refreshing your Adverts on a regular basis and always testing what works.
6. Have a look at which Landing Pages are resulting in the most amount of conversions. And then make sure that most of your adverts take your visitors there!
7. Finally, create a Unique Mobile Campaign. Targeted Mobile campaigns are a must for any on-line media plan. With the following stats in mind, you know your business cannot afford to be invisible to Smartphone & Tablet users:
o    4m Australians use their phones for Mobile banking
o    72% have used their smartphones in-store
o    26% have purchased on their smartphones
o    40% of tweets are done via a mobile phone
o    400m YouTube videos watched on mobiles every day
o    66% Of smartphone users have looked for local information
Follow the above steps and you should hopefully see a spike in your conversions. Make sure to let the new campaigns run for awhile and keep an eye on them.
and make sure you treat yourself at the end with a...