Competitors in Marketing

How to Beat Your Competitors in Online Marketing

Do you wonder why your competitors are out-ranking you on Google ? why they are receiving more web traffic & therefore more customers than you ?
Well, no need to wonder any longer! Here's what you need to do to take them out:
competitors in marketing
Step 1: Download the Alexa Toolbar (Free of Charge)
Step 2: Goto Your Competitor's website.
You will see a little toolbar at the top with little icons and numbers next to them. Here are the ones to look at:
  • SEMRush Links: This will give you info on the number of and quality of back-links that your competitor has. If he has more good quality back-links than you - then there's your answer.
  • Social Media Icons: This shows how engaging his Social Media Pages are. The higher those numbers - the better Rank on the Search Engines. Is your Social Media as engaging as your competitors ?
  • Density: This shows keyword density for your web copy. If the main keywords are at the very top of the page then you're doing it right! Have a look at your own keyword density and make sure you're main keywords are also at the top. A good keyword density percentage should be between 3-5%
  • Diagnosis: This shows how good your competitor's on-site SEO is. If he has all his boxes ticked and you don't - then that's why he is beating you in the Search Engines.
So now that you've compared your site to your main competitors - you should know what to do to beat them!