Can E-mail Marketing Help Your Business? 3 Reasons It Is Still Thriving

Email has been around for several decades, not to mention it is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies used by businesses. As technology evolves, however, many types of online communication emerged. This is the reason email marketing became less and less appealing to many.

While some companies prefer to use other advertising methods, many still believe in the importance of e-mail marketing. After all, it can drive better returns on investment. Read on to know why email marketing is something you should treasure.


Email is Ideal for Personalised Messages

Unlike other advertising strategies, email marketing offers many dynamic opportunities. For instance, you can determine what your target market wants and deliver them personalised emails. You can give them what they desire before they even look for it.

Email Marketing Combines with Social Media

With many businesses caught up in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it can be easy to overlook email marketing. That should not always be the case, though. E-mail marketing is a great platform to strengthen your reputation and raise awareness about your new product or service. So why miss this opportunity to reach your customers? All you have to do is execute e-mail marketing correctly.

At Hat Media, we can combine email with social media to help you successfully connect with your target market. This strategy can also influence a consumer’s purchase decision. With the help of Facebook’s “Custom Audience” feature, you can send your ads through e-mail.

Email is Ideal for Data Testing

If done correctly, email marketing can improve tracking and feedback. Most types of advertising strategies are difficult to monitor. But with email, you can keep track of everything – from knowing who clicked on the links to determining who are interested on specific offers.

With many years of experience in the online advertising industry, we take email marketing seriously. Apart from email, we also have other services that can help achieve your business goals. We are proud to say we offer effective, results-driven advertising strategies, such as media buying, reputation management, SEO, paid search and TV advertising. Get in touch with us today to know how we can take your business to the next level.