A powerful SEO weapon in 2016: The Video




As we know, Google is now privileging quality and diversity over quantity when it comes to organic SEO, reason why the Video has become a great form of content, yet somewhat under-estimated and underused.


Video and the Internet


Ever since the Hummingbird algorithm in 2014, Google’s main objective is to put quality and relevancy in front of the searchers, in terms of content.

To be visible in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), it’s best to appear on the first page and adding a video presence on the Internet has definitely become an effective digital marketing strategy.


Why is the video so present in the results?


When you run a search in Google, what you obtain is a whole panels of results - sites, news, ads, images, videos. Text only is no longer attractive and is slowly going down in the ranking.

Thanks to its thumbnail, apparent in the results, the video is an eye-catcher that get noticed easily and can pique curiosity if designed smartly.




It allows to sum up in a few minutes information than the searcher can no longer be bothered obtaining from a long read. In a world where the reader is mostly a user, the educational and entertaining answer given by the video sounds like a miracle solution to any problem or question: short and precise.

Google understands this, and because it perceives the videos as a quality source of information, it will keep making room regardless of the future algorithms changes.


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The benefits of the Video for SEO: a few numbers


  • Google and YouTube represent 58% of the search engine market share worldwide.
  • In average 96 videos a month are watched by a YouTube user
  • The video gives you 50 times more chances to appear in Google compared to a normal page
  • Facebook is #2 videos provider after YouTube, and therefore has a huge potential
  • The conversion rate of a Website is 300% higher with the presence of a video




About YouTube:

  • It is the 3rd Website the most visited in the world
  • It has more than 1 billion of regular users since 2013
  • It comes in 614 different languages for 75 countries
  • More than 300hrs videos are uploaded every minute
  • The number of watching hours per month increase by 50% every year




VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is crucial

In order to obtain good SEO results with Videos, it is important to adopt a few best practices such as:

  • Run a keywords research and target the most searched by the users
  • Integrate those keywords into the video scenario as well as their synonym and associated words
  • Create added-value videos, providing information
  • Optimize the title with your relevant keywords and create a long, rich description
  • Don’t forget the tags, they’re important
  • Add cards (CTAs) and subtitles to your videos
  • Create one or more playlists in case of volume
  • Share your videos on Social Medias and engage with your audience




The popularity of online videos presents a huge opportunity for natural organic SEO and video content is being more and more encouraged by Google. It has become an unavoidable tool that needs to be included in every solid Digital Marketing Strategy to ensure an effective presence on the Internet.


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