7 proven digital marketing tips to Scale your SaaS

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a model of software delivery where users subscribe to a version of the software that's centrally hosted instead of purchasing and installing it locally. According to a study done, 80% of end-users prefer this method of software delivery for organisation and communication purposes.

Because of the subscription element, marketing is crucial for sustained growth. To help keep you ahead of competitors, here are a few digital marketing tips for Saas marketers and founders;

1. Always keep your ideal customer in mind

Identify who your ideal customer is, keeping their needs in mind. A great way of doing this is by getting all the information you can about your current customers. Look into their professions, the problems they are facing, and the solutions you can offer.

Using that information, try to predict your prospect's behavioural patterns. This will help you map out who your ideal buyers are. Once this is done, try to understand the purchase journey they go through and give them a feel of the software as early as possible.

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2. Align your digital marketing to a buyer's journey

Your marketing content should match particular stages within the decision-making process. What about the software that would interest an individual buyer who's in the earlier or later stages of his or her journey? This allows you to provide relevant information every step of the way.

Start with ads that raise awareness, letting your audience know about your different online platforms. Follow that up by consideration ads meant for those who have visited your website. Finally, create decision ads for those in the final stages of a buyer's journey.

3. Make use of paid ads

With pay-per-click advertising, you can drive targeted traffic to your social media handles or website. Using Google AdWords, or paying for boosted posts on sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn are some of the most common ways of gaining an online marketing advantage.

In fact, if you're in the B2B SaaS space then LinkedIn is your best friend. Want to learn some in depth marketing strategies on LinkedIn? Grab my eBook here

4. Engage with online users

There are various ways to do this; one of them is through writing blog posts or hosting webinars. This will not only help you generate new leads but will also be crucial in nurturing and retaining current ones.

Engaging regularly with an online audience gives you a chance to showcase success stories, teach lessons regarding the product, respond to questions, and also survey participants. Consider featuring a fellow expert within the company or a guest writer or presenter to capitalise on their individual following.

5. Automate your marketing efforts

With integration platforms such as IFTTT and Zapier, automation is no longer limited to emails. While email automation enables you to message your customers regularly, automating additional marketing efforts will only improve customer lead generation and customer retention.

You can now automatically post blog posts to social accounts or build links through the use of drip campaigns. While they might not seem like large tasks, when put together, they save your marketing team a lot of time allowing you and them to focus on new strategies and projects.

6. Measure marketing progress

How regularly you measure your marketing effort heavily determine how successful it will be. The quicker you can discover what's not working, the quicker you can rectify and restrategise, which improves your chances of success.

Set up ways that allow you to analyse the marketing data you receive. Draw conclusions from the analysis, using the results to determine what to do next.

7. Keep on marketing

Don't stop marketing your product even after you have closed a deal. The SaaS model heavily depends on customer retention. It is, therefore vital that you continue reinforcing the value your product offers.

Communicate the different and new ways your customers can realise the product's value. You could also set up forums that allow your users to connect and gain access to opportunities associated with your product.

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