6 Valuable Inbound Marketing Tools to Grow a Strong Technology Brand

With inbound marketing being the best way to build your technology brand online, it’s important to leverage tools that are geared towards helping you successfully implement your strategy while boosting productivity for your team.

More consumers are using the Internet to shop, search and socialise today than ever before. It’s important to “show up” where your clients are present. Although you can’t physically be available every hour, you can utilise tools and put systems in place so your business is readily available.  

It’s also important that these tools work together harmoniously towards achieving your ultimate business goals. Although there are many on the market, you only need a few to execute a winning inbound marketing plan.

In this guide, we’ll outline which tools are vital in your inbound marketing and the action step on how to utilise it in your marketing. 

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#1 Develop Buyer Personas

The first step to a strong inbound marketing strategy is having complete knowledge of who you’re marketing to…your target audience. Having clarity of your audience sets the tone to your entire content strategy, ensuring that your content resonates with their interest.

The true agenda to inbound is publishing content that solves problems, offers solutions, and inspires your audience. This is how you attract your ideal customer. Knowing and understanding your target audience will provide a solid foundation for your entire online strategy.

The best way to understanding your market is by establishing buyer personas. You’ll develop a thorough picture of your model customer from their obstacles, job position and responsibilities, role in the buying process, most impressing questions to what their typical day looks like.

Action Step: To create your buyer personas, download Hubspot’s free template to get started. Completing this worksheet will give you direction as to what content topics and types to publish for your content marketing strategy.


#2 Organise & Plan Content

Many businesses struggle with a consistent content schedule that produces results. They either run out of content ideas to share or not really sure what to share.

Yet, maintaining a steady presence is crucial to driving traffic to your website, connecting with potential customers, and positioning your brand as a reliable source in the technology industry. For example, companies that published 16+ blog posts per month received almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts.

Leveraging an editorial calendar helps you to organise, plan, and schedule your articles so you always have fresh content to share. CoSchedule is one of the best content calendars because its robust features allow you to map out and schedule your content strategy.  You gain a holistic perspective of your content to ensure they align with your ultimate business goals.

Action Step: Test this calendar using CoSchedule’s free trial period to experience its features and benefits live. When developing your content plan, think of the top 10 concerns or questions your market has and use this as a guide for content topics. Map out when you will write, edit, and publish your post on your editorial calendar.


#3 Schedule Social Media Posts

Did you know that one-third of millenials prefer to communicate with businesses via social media (Source: Business2Community)? More consumers desire to connect, engage, and stay in the know with brands on their favourite social sites. In 2017, it’s imperative that you’re actively building relationships with your customers and prospects on social networks.

Buffer is an amasing tool that helps you manage, schedule, and analyse your social media posts. It’s extremely simple to use and cost-efficient. There are numerous of features and benefits from benefits that allow you to effectively execute your social media strategy.

Action Step: Use Buffer to accomplish these tasks in your social marketing.

  • Choose one day a week where you schedule your content in advance to keep sharing value to your audience
  • Leverage the Optimal Posting Time feature which lets you know when your unique audience is most engaged on your page. You don’t have to figure out the best times to post…it will inform you!
  • Use the content curation feature to share authoritative articles with your followers
  • With Pablo by Buffer, you can design engaging images for your social pages in less than 30 seconds. This is extremely advantageous since visuals generate killer responses on social

Buffer encompasses everything you need to successfully promote your brand on your social pages.


#4 Capture Leads

Building your list is the lifeline of your technology business. Although your website is a valuable tool to capturing contact information from visitors, landing pages are huge assets for boosting your leads.

You see, these content pieces are highly effective because they’re targeted to one specific offer and goal: getting the customer to opt in. Whereas your website homepage has many variables, your landing page is focused on generating leads.

With that said, LeadPages is a phenomenal tool where you can build unlimited landing pages to promote different content offers and appeal to various markets. You can also promote any upcoming webinars, sale promotions, live events, or your next SaaS product launch using LeadPages. With its analytics feature, you can test and gauge your results to discover which pages are resonating best with your audience.

Action Step: Design your landing page with LeadPages that promotes one content offer (either an eBook, video series, checklist, or free template). Be sure that the headline and content on your landing page align with the message your visitor read that prompted them to click on your link. Promote your page link on your social networks and with paid advertising to boost conversions.


#5 Nurture Leads

A core component to inbound marketing is converting your leads into paying customers. Through lead nurturing, you’ll strategically move your subscribers further along in the buyer’s journey to the purchasing decision. In fact, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Honing your email marketing will significantly boost sales and foster repeat business.

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing software systems on the market (Source: Business News Daily)! Its user-friendly features make it easy for you to create compelling email designs that exude your brand, broadcast winning monthly newsletters, segment your list for personalisation, share blog posts and curated content, and stay connected with your subscribers. Other add-on features include webinar presentations and unlimited landing pages.

The beauty about GetResponse is that they’re constantly adding features to remain competitive and give small businesses what they need for their email marketing campaigns.

Action Step: Create an autoresponder campaign series (about 5-7 email messages) for your list where each email builds upon the previous one. This can be a training or video series that delves deep into a subject matter. The key is sharing something valuable that not only increases engagement but keeps people connected to your brand.


#6 Create Videos – Your Camera or Mobile Device

Facebook fosters a whopping 8 billion views a day from videos alone (Source: Social Media Today)! Additionally, people are spending 3 times longer watching live-streaming video versus ones that have been prerecorded. And did you know that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it (Source: Hubspot)

These numbers showcase that video marketing is killing it in generating engagement from social media and all over the web. Videos capture attention and move viewers to action quickly. It builds trust with your audience, allows people to experience “the real you”, and offers opportunities through live-streaming to connect with you in real-time.

The major advantage to video marketing is that you always have your mobile device available to broadcast an on-the-spot video and share something that is insightful and current. You can regularly use this tool to accelerate your brand presence and create real connections with your followers.

Action Step: Instead of thinking about new topics to use for your video marketing, repurpose your popular blog content with video. You can take the subheadings and host a broadcast for each of them. Especially if you choose live-streaming video, this gives your audience a chance to ask questions and receive quick responses. Or, upload your videos to YouTube to ramp up your channel.



Each of these tools will add value to your overall inbound marketing strategy. They all play a different role yet will work together towards accomplishing your business objectives. Follow the action steps and leverage them to your advantage. Consequently, you will significantly improve your online results in the process.

Much success.