As a marketer, you may find yourself wearing many hats. You may find that you are responsible for a lot more than just the marketing and that the growth and existence of the business very much depends on you. Therefore, your KPI’s are most probably measured by:

  • How many leads you bring in
  • How much revenue you bring in
  • How many products you sell
  • How much costs you are able to keep down

how can automation make my job easier ?

Automation is Key! We cannot emphasise enough the amount of time this will save you. You may even get to have a proper lunch break again. You know the one where you leave the office for 1 hour and spend some time relaxing.

With 2 businesses running for over 7 years, we have stumbled upon a few helpful automation tools that have been instrumental to the growth of these businesses.

I’d like to share these with you along with their expected long-term costs, reviews and comparison to others in the market. 

I hope at the very least this helps save you time in researching the best one to use.