5 ways Webinars can help drive SaaS customer growth

If you're the founder or a marketer for a company that offers SaaS, you must constantly research the most effective digital marketing strategies. Since your services are digital, it's natural that the bulk of your marketing will be online. Your challenge is to communicate the key benefits of your products to an audience that has many choices and limited time. One of the best ways to market SaaS is through online presentations, demos, and webinars. Let's look at some of the benefits of webinars for connecting with your audience.

1. Engage With Viewers in Real-Time

You can describe software in an article, blog post, or ad. There's no substitute, however, for demonstrating your product in action. You can also do this with videos, of course, and video marketing is also a powerful marketing tool. However, a webinar lets you converse with attendees in a live presentation. When talking about software that your audience may not be familiar with, it's crucial to let them ask questions. The webinar format is ideal for conveying complex information and giving people a platform where they can engage.

2. Lets You Build Trust and Authority

The SaaS industry is extremely competitive. When your potential customers research software solutions, they aren't only looking at features and costs. They also want to feel confident that they're dealing with a trustworthy company. One of the drawbacks of most digital marketing methods is that they can be automated and impersonal. When you run a webinar, you provide your audience with a face and voice. Participants can watch, listen, and interact with you. During the presentation, you have a chance to display your knowledge and position yourself as an expert in your industry. A webinar is the next best thing to a live meeting or presentation when it comes to establishing trust and authority. 

3. An Efficient Lead Generation Strategy

You might make some quick sales after running a webinar. Many customers, however, are going to want more time to do research and think about their needs. Marketing for SaaS is largely about generating qualified leads. Webinars are an efficient tool for collecting email addresses and other contact information. When people sign up for your webinar, they're giving you permission to contact them. You can also ask for their phone numbers and social media contact info if you choose. This gives you the opportunity to send them information about not only the topic of the webinar but any of your products and services.

4. You Reach a Global Audience

Webinars are a perfect example of how digital technology lets you reach a large and global audience. People from anywhere in the world can tune into your broadcast. Of course, you may have to make some adjustments for time differences. You can do this by offering webinars at different times or making the replay available. In this respect, giving a webinar is even more powerful than talking to a live audience. You can instantly reach hundreds of people and pick up new leads and customers all over. You can reach even more people by repurposing your webinars into videos and podcasts later on.

5. You Can Partner With Influencers

You can get even more leverage out of your webinar by inviting a prestigious guest to share the spotlight with you. You might interview an author, business leader, or social media influencer to the broadcast. When you have a guest (or multiple guests), you can attract their audience as well as your own. Of course, the more followers your guest has, the bigger the potential gain for you. At the same time, you don't need someone with a gigantic following. Research micro-influencers in your niche, people who are well-respected in a particular field or on a specific topic. Such people, in fact, are likely to help you promote the event as they're trying to build their own audience. 

While webinars have advantages over other marketing tactics, they actually enhance your other efforts. A webinar can drive traffic to your website, help you build your email list, and provide you with more contacts on LinkedIn and other social media sites. If you're not using webinars as part of your SaaS marketing strategy, you're overlooking one of the best tools for explaining and promoting your products. 

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