4 Valuable Tools to Improve Your SEM Marketing


Looking for ways to bolster your SEM marketing to boost visibility of your ad content, increase responsiveness, and improve conversion rates?  With 89% of consumers beginning their buying process using search, it's vital to implement strong SEM and SEO practices to improve your brand's presence in the search engines and generate ongoing traffic to your sites.


There are simple digital tools that you can leverage to progress your search engine marketing goals and achieve optimal results in your efforts. These four tools will help simplify and amplify your SEM marketing.


#1 SEMrush

Named as one of the top tools from industry experts, SEMrush is a must-have in your SEM arsenal. It’s highly useful in finding your competitor's best keywords, strategies, display ads, and more. It is a favorite among millions of users, making keyword research super easy in discovering what phrases your site is ranking for. In fact, the built-in analytics tool provides keyword volume, CPC, and competition data for any keyword via a phrase match report and related keywords report, ensuring you don’t miss out on a keyword. 


#2 BuzzSumo

Search engines is still the #1 source for content traffic generation, outdoing social media by more than 300% (Source: IronPaper). With that said, great content positively impacts SEO ranking. Its vital to come up with winning topics that resonates with and is being actively searched by your target audience. Coming up with fresh and unique ideas regularly can be challenging, which is why Buzzsumo was born.

This tool allows you to quickly identify what content is working well around a particular topic as well as highlighting the major influencers. You'll gain knowledge of your industry's trends, discover ideas for content, know the best days to publish content, and locate sites publishing competitive content.

In all, this will help bolster your thought leadership and position you as an expert in your niche.


#3 Optmyzr

Optmyzr's saying is "making SEM easier, one step at a time!" They aim to do just that by providing lots of quick optimisations to help you grab the low hanging fruit within any Adwords or Bing account. With its user- friendly and easy-to-use-platform, Optmyzr is all about saving time on tedious and complex reports.

This tool suggests many ideas on how to improve the quality of your accounts, either by adding or eliminating keywords, changing bids, making A/B ad tests, adjusting placement on display networks like Google Shopping, and many similar operations that can make your campaigns lucrative and profitable.



Being able to dig around on the backend of your site, getting to know how it functions and any issues that may arise is a pivotal step in your overall strategy. Screaming Frog is an amasing tool that can crawl your website pretty quickly, allowing you to analyse results in real-time. It examines all links and pages of the website, offering data on Status Codes, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Robots Meta Data.

You'll find broken links, discover duplicate content, and find temporary and permanent redirects. Screaming Frog conveniently displays information collected in a filterable spreadsheet for your perusal. Finally, it easily integrates with Google Analytics to retrieve user data like bounce rate and conversions, goals, transactions and revenue for landing pages against the crawl.



Leveraging these tools will improve your SEM marketing to generate favorable outcomes in your paid strategy. Each brings unique value and will enhance your productivity and results when added to your arsenal.

Much success.

 Screaming Frog

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