3 Ways SMBs Can Simplify Digital Marketing Efforts

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When it comes to digital marketing, simplicity isn't a common attribute, although, this redundant claim is often heard from digital marketing tools and services. On the one hand, businesses should be grateful there are so many innovative solutions (many free ones too), yet on the other hand digital marketing efforts can often be a big distraction from core business processes. In an effort to help, let's examine 3 ways SMBs can simplify digital marketing efforts.

#1. Commitment to Strategy:

The online world is nothing short of amazing, yet it can easily become overwhelming when trying to find answers and solutions. The amount of information, products, choices, and paths to follow for business growth are endless, sometimes, leading to an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. This is especially true for SMBs with limited time and resources, as each application has a learning curve.

Although it may seem like everyone else is an expert digital marketing wiz, perhaps this is just an illusion and, in reality, other businesses are feeling overwhelmed as well. The best way to simplify digital marketing is for a business to simply commit to a strategy. Rather than fretting about the "grass being greener on the other side," just chose a manageable amount of solutions (free or not) and commit to using these for a certain period of time.

#2. Keeping the Right Perspective:

From the beginning of initiating a digital marketing strategy, SMBs need to keep the right perspective. This means measuring the success of the strategy should involve more than just analytical data, it should also involve the intangible sentiments around the day-to-day processes. Basically, the moral of the workforce needs to be positive, which is less likely to happen when they're overwhelmed from executing complex digital marketing processes.

Each business needs to discern and determine what their unique limitations are around adopting digital marketing solutions. Although many of the: email marketing, SEO optimization, SEM marketing, social media automation, video creation, and other digital marketing tools, are user-friendly in design, this doesn't mean using them is easy for everyone, especially, when a dozen or so applications are being used at once.

Keeping the right perspective means businesses should choose a strategy within their limitations, and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Even the most technologically advanced digital marketing solutions are useless without human ideas and values steering them. Basically, digital marketing tools are just the medium for delivering the ideas, products, services, and values, which actually work to build brand recognition and increase sales.

#3. Delegation:

Startups and established SMBs are able to level the playing field with their larger competitors by outsourcing certain processes. Online shopping is increasing, as well as the adoption of online technologies that are powering business processes. Wise delegation is an important part of implementing a successful digital marketing strategy, and can simplify the process greatly.

Delegating the selection and implementation of digital marketing solutions to experts, saves businesses the time and effort of researching, implementing, and learning new solutions. For instance, what would have taken a business two weeks to accomplish, takes only 2 days with wise delegation. Time is money, therefor businesses benefit when delegating certain digital marketing processes to an expert partner service.


The online world is an amazing place full of opportunity, yet it can easily overwhelm businesses when they're trying to find fitting digital marketing solutions. It's well understood that effective digital marketing is key to increasing online visibility, yet spending too much time researching, implementing, and learning the multitude of solutions available, takes SMBs away from their core business processes. Basically, finding and implementing digital marketing solutions can easily become a time-wasting, complex headache.

Businesses can simplify digital marketing by: keeping the right perspective, committing to a strategy within their limitations, and effectively delegating to expert partners. Hat Media is a digital marketing agency in Sydney that understands how effective digital marketing can be for SMBs, yet also understands how complicated it can become with the multitude of options available.

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