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How I Woke Up in Channel 10’s Wake Up Studio

Posted by Joana Inch on 11/13/13 11:02 AM

Funny story really…

Just goes to show how much more of a casual environment exists on Channel 10’s new Wake Up show compared to the seriousness on Sunrise or Today!

I was meant to meet my fellow Entrepreneurs near the Queenscliff surf club one Monday morning. Being a woman and being me – my sense of direction is absolutely appalling!  …actually I shouldn't blame women – it’s just me!

I turn up at the door of the club where a lovely security guard opens the door for me and politely asks if I’m here for the show.

“why yes I am” I say, after all the meeting was supposed to be about supporting this show and meeting the crew afterwards – I just didn't know that the actual meeting was held about 20 meters from where I was.

I’m directed to a room where all the show’s guest speakers are lounging around, typing away on their Macs and every now and again they look up & stare out at Manly Beach, looking ever so relaxed. Clearly looking like an outsider they even engage me in polite conversation and tell me about their role on the show. Hmmmmm I don’t believe I’ll ever come across so many nice people in the city. Especially not on a Monday Morning! But with the waves crashing in the background and the sun making an appearance – I think the mood here was definitely…. for lack of a better word…. Different!

More relaxed, more casual, more friendly……. Perhaps this show will go to do very well after all I thought! Perhaps it is much different from Sunrise & Today and this is perhaps what was needed on TV right now!


I did read up on some of the main differences between the shows. One article on called:

“Nine reasons why Channel 10's Wake Up will be different to Sunrise and Today” was the most interesting.

I found reason number 3 the funniest: No roving weatherman

And thought do we really need one? I mean all you have to do is look past the presenters and out their window to see what the weather will be like for today. Right ?

But what I really like about it is that it’s unscripted and once again I’m going to use this word CASUAL!

In today’s world of Social Media I think Casual is something that we widely accept! In fact prefer!

So yes I’m quite positive about this show and happy to see it hosted in my hometown. I hope the community here will support it and I hope to see it go far!

I have seen a lot of criticism from people saying it’s not considered conversation and that there’s too many jokes on it. But that’s the whole point!!! It’s supposed to be different! Not a rip of version of the other shows.

Plus when have people ever liked something different at the beginning? They always need time to get accustomed to it and then they like it. Just think of every time Facebook goes through a re-design! A million complaints and then they embrace it.

So give it time is all I can say about this…



….. So even after the crew realized I wasn't meant to be there – they fetched me a coffee and politely gave me directions to where I was supposed to be! Thanks guys!

…and I did get to meet the crew afterwards! All 3 very lovely, down-to-earth and friendly people!

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