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4 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Connect to Your Customers

Posted by Joana Inch on 1/9/18 5:31 AM

Most of us remember the time when business communication moved away from TV advertisements and sales phone calls to email campaigns and banner ads. This too, eventually evolved into social media campaigns and more subtle search engine PPC ads. While none of these previous methods have been fully left behind, the marketing environment and attitude of customers is shifting once again away from text as a whole and toward conversational apps and videos. Hubspot, always on the ball for user surveys, found that four times as many customers would rather watch a video than read a product description and 43% actively want to see more video content from marketers. This means it is the perfect time to break out the video camera and invite your customers to find out more about your company through friendly, personal multimedia content. Here are four interesting ways to use video marketing to connect more directly to your customers.

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6 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Live for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Celine Mariani on 8/21/17 4:03 PM

Did you know that people are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today)?

Facebook Live is creating massive engagement on social media. With the ability to connect with your audience in real-time, this platform offers amazing opportunities to build genuine relationships with your followers, give valuable content that appeals to their interest, and generate incredible exposure to your brand.

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10 tips for Video Marketing on Facebook FOR THE PROPERTY SECTOR

Posted by Celine Mariani on 8/14/17 4:00 PM

Video marketing on Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses in the property sector. Studies have found that video posts receive 135 percent more organic reach than photos. And Facebook has revealed that people are now watching 100 million hours of video on the social network every day.

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