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The Future of Organic SEO: 4 Trends in 2016

Posted by Celine Mariani on 9/6/16 3:36 PM



With 3.3 billion requests generated every day (100 billion a month), having a good SEO for your Website has become a no-choice if you want to be visible online.  Even if the sponsored links can assist with your ranking, natural links still represent 85% links in a SERP.

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Are you Mobile-Friendly?

Posted by Celine Mariani on 9/6/16 3:35 PM



Google recently announced the last update of the Mobile-Friendly ranking algorithm version 2016.

Last May 2016, John Muller, famous Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, was confirming through a simple tweet the 2nd update of the Mobile-Friendly Algorythm, also called Mobileggedon.


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