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An Exclusive Guide on Blog Writing to Increase Traffic and Build an Audience

Posted by Joana Inch on 1/15/18 6:35 AM

With an inbound marketing strategy, your business is going to spend a lot of time, money, and energy publishing blog posts. However, well-written copy is not enough. Inbound marketing has value by attracting a relevant audience and increasing website traffic. Consequently, your blogging must be both linkable and socially shareable. If you are serious about building an audience and increasing traffic, your content must inspire human behaviour. Consequently, content distribution via social users and third-party links is vital to inbound marketing success.

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A Step-by-Step Blueprint of Inbound Marketing Fundamentals

Posted by Joana Inch on 1/8/18 9:59 AM

Increasingly, inbound marketing has become a popular method for promoting brands, products, and services. It is not surprising why. More traditional marketing tactics work to convince an unfamiliar audience that they need a product or service, and where to buy it. These methods are generally intrusive, interrupting a person's activity with advertising, cold calls, spam emails, autoplay videos, pop-ups, and more. On the other hand, inbound marketing is a magnet which attracts the most likely and potential consumers by providing value and earning trust. Inbound works based on an understanding of how consumers actually research products and services, providing educational material and online content. 

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Nurture Your Leads and Boost Sales Opportunities

Posted by Joana Inch on 11/22/17 9:46 AM

Leads are the energy that fuels your company.  Without a continual stream of new leads, you can't drive sales or grow your business.  It's not enough, however, to generate new leads.  You also need to move them from initial interest to purchasing customers.  According to Hubspot, only 10% of new leads are ready to make a purchase, which means of course that 90% are not.  In other words, you need to nurture the new leads you acquire. 

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Beyond the Lead: How Inbound Marketing Improves Your Customer Retention

Posted by Joana Inch on 11/22/17 8:26 AM

Most articles you read about inbound marketing will likely focus on its most obvious benefits: getting the attention of an audience that's increasingly weary and less responsive to traditional advertising. As a result, you can build better leads, with a higher chance of converting them to customers.

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