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Posted by Joana Inch on 6/8/12 4:16 PM

OK so you're already doing everything to maximize your website traffic which means you've taken advantage of all of the following campaigns:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media


These platforms are bringing you lots and lots of web traffic but are you happy with your conversions rate ? do you think it can be higher ?
This is where Re-marketing can help! Some prospective clients do need a little push and do need to see your brand & your message a few times before they make the decision to buy your product.
You focus on Frequency when you run other media campaigns such as TV & Radio so its only natural that you do it with Online Media as well. And the good news is that once again you're only paying per click so its extremely cost-effective!
So how do you do it ?
I'm glad you asked :-) .... Login to your existing Google Adwords Account


  • Create New Campaign
  • Display (Re-marketing) Campaign
  • Create a Re-marketing List which causes Google to generate a code to place on your website.
Once that code is placed on your website & your Ads have been approved by Google here is what happens:
A visitor comes through to your website via Adwords, browses the site but then leaves. Within 30 days they go visit another website that is a partner of Google (could be a News Site, could be anything) they will then see your Ad again on this other website. And they will remember you!
I have been running this campaign for a few clients and have noticed that the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is 3times the CTR of a typical Display campaign. Which means that Searches do remember you & are willing to click on you again to see what your offer is.
You will get better results if you have a Separate Image Ad for this campaign. 1 that focuses on addressing your customers with a specific Re-marketing message. For example:
"You've seen what we have to offer, now come back and take advantage of our unbeatable deals!"
Off-course this message will be different for each Business. And frequency is key:
Think about it, these people have already been to your site so they already have you in mind and they do need your product/service. All you have to do is lure them back to your website so that they can commit to the purchase. Much easier than speaking to a brand new customer & you will be impressed with the Conversion Rate as well.
Gotta say I'm really impressed with this new tool from Google (which I call the "STALKER") as I've seen some good results.
There is no harm in trying it so Give it a go and see if your Conversion Rate improves! And if you have a spare 2mins - drop me a comment to let me know your experience with it. I'd  love to see what other business owners think of it ?

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