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6 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Live for Inbound Marketing

Posted by Celine Mariani on 8/21/17 4:03 PM

Did you know that people are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus ones that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today)?

Facebook Live is creating massive engagement on social media. With the ability to connect with your audience in real-time, this platform offers amazing opportunities to build genuine relationships with your followers, give valuable content that appeals to their interest, and generate incredible exposure to your brand.

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5 Promising Ways to Better Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Posted by Celine Mariani on 8/17/17 6:00 PM

Are you looking for ways to improve your blog’s visibility and performance? Perhaps you’re struggling in driving consistent traffic from your target audience. Or maybe you’re not generating desired engagement such as likes, shares, comments or enough time spent on your content.

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10 tips for Video Marketing on Facebook FOR THE PROPERTY SECTOR

Posted by Celine Mariani on 8/14/17 4:00 PM

Video marketing on Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses in the property sector. Studies have found that video posts receive 135 percent more organic reach than photos. And Facebook has revealed that people are now watching 100 million hours of video on the social network every day.

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4 Quick SEO and SEM Tips to Better Your Online Marketing

Posted by Celine Mariani on 12/16/16 6:19 AM

Best search engine optimisation and marketing practices is crucial as we approach 2017. In fact, search engines is still the #1 source for content traffic generation, beating social media by more than 300% (Source: IronPaper). It is the preferred choice for consumers in finding solutions to their problems, looking up product information, and locating nearby stores.

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4 Valuable Tools to Improve Your SEM Marketing

Posted by Celine Mariani on 12/2/16 6:25 AM

Looking for ways to bolster your SEM marketing to boost visibility of your ad content, increase responsiveness, and improve conversion rates?  With 89% of consumers beginning their buying process using search, it's vital to implement strong SEM and SEO practices to improve your brand's presence in the search engines and generate ongoing traffic to your sites.

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3 Stages Involved in Effective Search Engine Marketing

Posted by Celine Mariani on 11/21/16 10:08 PM

No doubt, getting ranked on the first page of Google (or any other top search engine) does wonders for a business, yet how does this happen? Many people claim to have the answers, yet if it were so easy then everyone would be on the first page. Truth is, there's not a simple one answer solution to getting ranked high and staying there, rather it's a continual process. In an effort to explain, let's discuss 3 stages involved in effective search engine marketing.

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The Secret to Search Engine Marketing: Optimising to Get Good Leads

Posted by Celine Mariani on 11/18/16 6:29 AM
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How To Embrace SEM Marketing For Your Business

Posted by Celine Mariani on 11/11/16 6:23 AM

Your business needs all the help it can get. Digital marketing tools are plentiful. However, many businesses are going about using the tools all wrong. You want to drive traffic to your website and ensure that visitors become customers.

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How to Evaluate the Success of Your SEM Marketing Strategy

Posted by Celine Mariani on 11/4/16 5:23 AM

Search Engine Marketing has proven to be a successful way to reach your audience online. If you can optimize your efforts for the right keywords and phrases, you can ensure that a large audience will view your ads and learn about your brand.

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The Future of Organic SEO: 4 Trends in 2016

Posted by Celine Mariani on 9/6/16 3:36 PM



With 3.3 billion requests generated every day (100 billion a month), having a good SEO for your Website has become a no-choice if you want to be visible online.  Even if the sponsored links can assist with your ranking, natural links still represent 85% links in a SERP.

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