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2014 Online Marketing Trends

Posted by Joana Inch on 1/28/14 8:52 AM

Forbes magazine recently released its top marketing trends to dominate 2014 and coming from a Digital and Social Media background; we thought we would discuss these predictions and the implications as we see it.

Content Marketing will take over the world

This prediction sees more and more companies attempting to gain creditability and establishing authority through consistently creating content Google deems ‘valuable’ through various channels such as social media, e-newsletters, case studies and videos.
This trend indicates that the original pillars of advertising such as television and print are becoming less effective, with the emphasis turning to inbound marketing by developing engaging content developed for an individual audience.


Social Media Marketing will require more diversity

There are naturally going to be changes to social media as it is currently one of the fastest growing platforms for consumer behaviour. It was only a few years ago that businesses were limited in their marketing on social media, restricted to the big three: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
Today, Instagram has blown up in popularity giving small brands international attention, & new brands a license to print money. Additionally platform’s like Pinterest, Google+ and Tumbler have also surged in popularity, allowing businesses to choose platforms which better suit their needs, by producing engaging & simple content across a variety of different channels.

Image centric content will rule

Forbes reasons, that ‘as consumers are hit with an increasing number of advertisement’s, it’s becoming more important to make content easily and quickly digestible’. The rise in popularity of sites such as Instagram, Buzz feed and Pinterest are testament to the sheer power of image based content.
While Forbes hesitates to definitively rule out text based content for the future, there is a clear predisposition that including images will be beneficial to any future marketing campaigns.


Less will (finally) be more

This has been the change we have (personally) been waiting for! Gone will be the days of in-depth over complicated marketing campaigns. Today, in a world where information is available at the touch of a button, consumers are responding to simplistic clean campaigns.
Companies such as Apple and Google have done this will, sticking to one brand message per campaign, high on visually appealing imagery and light on message.
This article by Forbes said it best: “there is a sense that from the hyper-connectivity of our highly-digitized lives to the bright, flashy, complicated sensory input we’re fed every day; there is no way to continue at this pace. As a result, 2013 is likely to be a year where the most successful marketing strategies will be ones that are not only simple in nature, but promote goods and services that serve to simplify the consumer’s life, or even just their customer experience.”

Mobile friendly content will be necessary

This one is a no brainer. With the majority of the world’s population attached at the hip to their smartphone, 2013 saw a parallel rise in internet usage from mobile devices alone. According to 87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones.
Therefore it is only rational to ensure you provide a positive experience for users who are exploring your content via a mobile device.

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